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Don't know if you've seen it but in the new Farming Sim stream on Yogs Live (Feb 7), there's this bit when Trott is saying he's ugly and Ross says 'me too' and Trott immediately goes 'No. You're attractive' very seriously. Also as soon as Trott starts saying he's ugly Smith gets almost mad at him? Like for thinking that? It's sad Trott feels he's ugly but the other bits are cute and there's a bit where he talks about taking Ross out. Starts 1:49:00 if you're interested. any thoughts are cool <3

Ooooooh god, I haven’t yet but I absolutely need to see this ❤

They do this all the time tho, get mad when the others put themselves down ❤

That Hatchat episode where they were talking about the restaurant that charges you based on how pretty you are, and Ross saying he won’t even get in. Trott goes on about how that’s bullshit cause his face and those big blue eyes.

And Ross got so mad this one time when Trott tried to say he wasn’t very talented, or proud of stuff he’d created.

Just, these boys always looking out for each other like this ❤