SIMS 4: Victorian Women’s Hat - Sims 3 Conversion

My Victorian sims ladies needed some headgear so I converted this from Sims 3′s More Magic store set and edited a little bit. (I had to remove the feathers because their transparency became a problem. If I can fix it, I’ll release a version with the feathers)  I made the recolors myself, I hope the color combinations aren’t too horrible. 

NOTE: The sim in the 1st preview picture is wearing this dress by @budgie2budgie


  • Found under hats in CAS
  • Vertices: 1426  /  Polygons: 1660
  • 12 Recolors

DOWNLOAD (Through my blogspot)

Adventure Time: Finn’s Hat + Pattern

The original pattern for this hat was made back when Adventure Time was a short featured on Nickelodeon, and then after it failed to do anything on that network, it made it’s way to the internet. This hat is much more like the original “pilot” hat, where it’s less of a tube with a face hole. This one has straps that you can tie underneath your chin.

Tutorial by:   LegoBrickMaster7
Tutorial Link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Adventure-Time-Finns-Hat-Pattern/