Soft Light Landscapes By Dave Waddel

Cameras: Mamiya 6, Hasselblad 500cm
Film: Kodak Portra, Kodak Ektar, Fujicolor Pro

Dave on shooting film:

“There are so many reasons really, most of which I am sure have been mentioned by others.  The look is beautiful obviously, the color palette, the grain, the softness…I love all of those qualities.  Though, even more important to me than the look is the awareness and deliberate nature that it brings to the way I shoot, you are so much more invested in each shot (figuratively and literally).  I also like knowing that I am creating a negative, something real and tangible…not just a jpeg floating out there to be forgotten about or deleted.  I have come to really love the space that shooting film creates between the act of taking the photo and reviewing it. As painstaking and frustrating as the wait may sometimes be, I feel that it is so important to reviewing your work with a more critical, fresh and unbiased eye.  Not to mention the fun surprises that you sometimes find.  And honestly, experimenting with all the different combinations of cameras, lenses, formats and film stocks is so much fun…way more interesting than the somewhat homogeneous world of 35mm digital cameras.  I could go on and on but I think you get the point.  Personally for me, film just provides a much more rewarding artistic and photographic experience, while also providing a look that I am personally, really drawn to.  Digital surely has it’s benefits and advantages…but all while being a bit cold, empty and sterile.”