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Hi i have a sincere question for the Shia , why do the Shia hate Hazrat Abubakr and Umar so much? Like whats the deal?

How can you not expect us to hate the men who broke the heart of Rasoolullah (pbuh), stole the rights of Ameer Al-Mu'mineen (as), stole the land and broke the rib of Sayeda Zahra (sa), made Hassan (as), Hussein (as), Zainab (sa) and Um Kulthoom (sa) orphans, and added endless fuel to the fire in the heart of al-Qaim (as)?

Meet Ade Hassan, Owner of Nubian Skin Lingerie for Women of Color

UK entrepreneur Ade Hassan set out to redefine “nude” for women of color and created Nubian Skin lingerie (available for purchase online, at Nordstrom and ASOS)! 

We recently sat down with her for more on her journey with Nubian Skin, future goals, and more. Read the full interview HERE.



Liza Hasan’s emotional and inspirational portraits reflect the nature of the sensitivity of using watercolors: a union between perfection and chaos. A difficult tool to use, watercolors are sensible, soft, yet difficult and demand a sense of urgency when they are applied on paper. 

A mother to a beautiful baby girl, Parisa, Hasan’s conscious choice of watercolors for her artwork balances her busy life. She says:

“I prefer watercolor over acrylic because i love seeing the colors flowing. It’s so soothing because between the diaper changes and worrying about which school to put her in, I need a lot of ‘soothing.’ But now watercolor has become a part of my daily life. I have finally found something I’m passionate about.”

Colorful and telling, Hasan’s art reveals a pivotal point in her life as a mother. Her attempt to capture innocence in the eyes or the smiles of her subjects is immediately recognizable and uplifting. Much like motherhood’s essence, her work possesses energy and vulnerability. When you first gaze eyes upon Hasan’s art, there’s a feeling of happiness, which rushes through your senses. Each piece, ranging from the beloved Popeye, to children, an old man, and women celebrate the uniqueness and character behind each soul.

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Wish more online games looked like that :<