“I remember she came in while Fred was rehearsing… Up the aisle she came and Fred stopped dead. They embraced and I wept. After all Fred and Ginger had been my dancing idols since the mid-thirties.” – Charles Walters, director of The Barkleys of Broadway

“[T]he film abounds with sequences that display Rogers’s considerable powers as a comedienne – as she parries with Astaire (who meets her tooth for fang), deftly undercuts her unctuous understudy, and feigns illness to cover her own thoughtlessness. In the process she creates a real human being – tough, self-centred, insecure, yet utterly appealing – and develops scenes with Astaire that are among the very best in the Astaire-Rogers series.” – author John Mueller

“Despite the intervening ten years, Astaire and Rogers have an innate understanding of each other’s verbal rhythms and mannerisms […] The self-conscious drive with which Astaire often attacked his lines disappears here, as Fred and Ginger blend – and interrupt each other – with a seamless intimacy that is heartwarming to witness.” – film historian Stephen Harvey 

'Gotham' EP Reveals Who Is Pulling Solomon Grundy's Strings in Season 4

As Season 3 of Gotham came to a close, it was revealed that Butch was much more than we all thought. His real name is Cyrus Gold, which comic fans will recognize as the undead villain Solomon Grundy.

That certainly lines up with Butch’s ending, as he was shot and seemingly killed by Barbara in the finale. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he’ll rise again to wreak havoc on Gotham, but he’s not going to do it alone.

During an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, Gotham EP John Stephens revealed that Grundy will have someone a bit smarter pulling his strings in Season 4. Harvey Dent played the part in Jeph Loeb’s The Long Halloween comic, but a familiar face will be taking on the role in the show.

“We don’t have any plans for Harvey Dent right now,” Stephens told us. “The person we have sort of pulling the strings on Grundy, for the first half of the season at least, is Ed Nygma, or the diminished version of Ed Nygma that we’re gonna see at the top. It starts off with him really pulling the strings on Grundy but the interesting is the fact that these two … If they both knew who exactly who they were, which should be mortal enemies, but they actually develop this very odd friendship as they go forwards.”

Since Butch worked for Oswald for so long, it does seem odd that he would now align himself with Nygma. However, this isn’t going to be the Butch we remember. This villain probably won’t be much like anything we’ve seen on Gotham so far.