Alright Texas friends…

It is really hard to find bread and water now, even gas. Remember you can use tortillas, hamburger buns, and there is usually frozen bread in the stores. Spec’s also carries water so it is worth a shot looking there. Make sure everyone in your home gets showered/bathed tonight and fill your tub with water before you go to bed. Remove anything that could be picked up by the wind in your yard (chairs, tables, dead branches, trashcans etc). If every store around is out of lighters try a smoke shop. If all the grocery stores are out of candles try a craft store like Michaels, they usually have a ton. Charge your phones tonight; Get a car charger if you don’t have one in case power goes out and you need to charge things in your car. Make sure you have a full tank of gas before you go to sleep tonight. Stay Safe and be smart these next few days. 🙏🙏🙏

So my co-worker and I just came up with the best idea for a series of stories/comics.

Harvey Dent is mostly rehabilitated and starts practising law again.

And what he does, right, is he starts defending all the little guys that get caught up in the super villains bigger schemes, or helps out the villains that are trying to do a better job or can’t afford to defend themselves. Like, can you just imagine?

  • Some minor criminal gets tricked into playing the patsy for a bigger villain. Harvey helps them out.
  • Harvey wears a mask in court, (like in Batman Telltale ep. 3 if he’s Two Face) but when he really wants to intimidate the opposition, he’ll take it off and go full Two Face for a bit. You really know you’re in trouble when he pulls out the coin.
  • Any time one of the big bads drugs an entire chunk of the population, and there’s suddenly dozens of people committing minor crimes even though they didn’t necessarily want to, Harvey Dent is there to represent every single one of them.
  • One of the other villains that’s trying to redeem themselves, like Harley or something, needs legal help; doesn’t want to end up in Arkham again or is just plain having a hard time; Harvey is there to help.
  • The other lawyers absolutely fucking hate him now, because he’s still mostly doing it to help out. Sometimes he doesn’t even take payment for cases.
  • At some stage Batman needs legal representation and comes knocking on Harvey’s door, and at first Harvey is just really confused, but then he goes along with it.

Okay. We have additions because it’s slow at work today and we keep coming up with ideas.

  • When Harvey first starts out no-one wants to hire him because he’s Two Face, and he has to work really hard to move past that.
  • There’s still so much corruption in the legal system and no-one wants Harvey to win cases, so he actually has a really bad record of losing.
  • But sometimes Wayne Enterprises steps in to pay bail or something.
  • And Harvey doesn’t give up, even though it’s really tempting and sometimes the failures make his own battle even harder.
  • Some of the big villains (Black Mask, Joker…) start coming after Harvey because his work means that more of their mooks are turning in evidence against them, or getting out of a life of crime etc. But others are totally fine with it because they know they might need his help some day.
  • Harvey has to defend Red Hood and the Outlaws. It is a mess.
  • This ties in to Harley’s redemption arc as well. After he defends her they become really good friends and regularly help each other out for free.


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I know Maru, Robin, Linus, and even the farmer's spouse can get them out of the mines, but who the hell removes them from the dreaded Skull Dungeon when they pass out there?! Does Harvey work one day only to find the farmer materialize in front of him groaning and covered in gashes or does Pam have to hold her nose and drive them home Grand Theft Auto style? Maybe it's Mr. Qi. Maybe it's his bodyguard. Maybe it's Maybeline(TM)/Magic. Good thing the spouse is none the wiser about it.

I’m sorry, I was going to write something serious for this but I can’t stop laughing at the mental image of Pam just


30 Days of The Gotham Rogues Challenge!
Day 15: Favorite Gotham Non-Canon Pairing

“Every minute he’s on the streets… every criminal act Two-Face commits… it’s driving Harvey deeper and deeper into his own mind. I have to save him, Alfred. He’s my friend.

“If you only knew the battles I’ve fought in my head to keep you alive these last few years.”

My grandpa is a field office manager for FEMA, he’ll stay in a disaster zone for months making sure people know what their resources are. He’s been in Texas since days after Harvey.

Threatening to pull FEMA from Puerto Rico after THREE WEEKS is not only evil, it shows that the monster lacks a fundamental understanding of the agency.

Don’t forget to donate when you can because we’re clearly doing this without a competent government structure to assist us.


Trump Administration Impedes Puerto Rico Aid Effort

Donald Trump and his administration received very little criticism for their handling of Hurricane Harvey which slammed Houston, and Hurricane Irma, which slammed the Florida Keys, Florida, and Georgia, but with Hurricane Maria, there seems to be a different tone causing massive backlash as cries for help amplify.

Just days after Harvey and Irma, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico at near category 5 strength, severely flooding the island and shredding it with 155mph winds. At least 16 people are dead, a toll that could rise as more areas are reached by responders and days pass with limited supplies. The entire electrical system was wiped out and will take months to rebuild, clean drinking water is scarce, food shortages are being reported, shelters are filled to capacity, and even those are nearly out of supplies. A local dam is still on the brink of collapse, which would further flood towns already crippled by the storm. In the days since the hurricane, Puerto Rico has struggled to gain footing and relief efforts have been slow to get to the island. Part of the reason for this is the Jones Act, a shipping law which limits shipping between American ports by heavily taxing foreign ships’ cargo to give domestic boats more business. This act was temporarily relieved following Harvey and Irma to avoid shortages of fuel and other necessities. Today, the Trump administration has denied the request to lift the limit, saying Puerto Rico’s ports are too severely damaged to handle an influx of traffic.

This latest move isn’t the only reason many are calling out the administration’s post-Maria actions. Donald Trump himself is being criticized for seemingly not caring about Puerto Rico’s plight, spending the majority of his time on twitter attacking celebrities and athletes, and holding rambling political rallies to bash kneeling during the national anthem and NFL ratings, all this while 3.5 million Americans wander around an island in turmoil looking for any way to survive.

Monday was the first time the President tweeted about the disaster, despite having mentioned it in brief passings with the press, but instead of striking a tone of comfort and hope, he seemed to slap the island by only mentioning its “broken infrastructure” and “massive debt,” owing “Billions of dollars to Wall Street, ” saying Puerto Rico is in “deep trouble.” This insulted many, who felt it was a harsh critique of pre-Maria Puerto Rico, and not a stand of solidarity with his fellow Americans facing the worst disaster in recent history. The words especially struck a chord with those aware of the fact that Donald himself has a stake in Puerto Rico’s debt, taking over a failing golf course and resort on the island in 2008, then in 2015, the property went under and Trump stuck the taxpayers with the debt, filing for bankruptcy and settling for a fraction of the cost.

Trump further angered some on Tuesday when he used his platform to compliment himself and the federal government responding to Maria, instead of using it to comfort those affected. “Amazing,” “Tremendous,” “Incredible,” “Really Good;” These are the words the President said to reporters during a press conference while describing the job he and his administration were doing, saying local officials showered FEMA with praise for their efforts, and while most have certainly been thankful for the estimated 10,000 person force on the ground trying to restore basic living conditions, it all just seemed like a self-praise session, not an update to an ongoing crisis on American soil by the President of the United States.

All of this leaves many asking one question - Will Hurricane Maria, and the crisis in Puerto Rico, become Donald Trump’s Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans?

Rachel Platten Talks Taylor Swift, Harvey Weinstein

Going back to the beginning of your journey, one of the first big moments for you was when you performed “Fight Song” on Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour. This year, when Taylor took her assaulter to court, you were really active on Twitter supporting her. What has Taylor taught you about strength?

Rachel Platten: I think that she was really brave to speak up; she got a lot of shit she shouldn’t have. She was using her voice and calling attention to something that’s terrifying, no matter how successful you are. To say that you have been touched or assaulted, it brings shame to you. It’s what happens to the person who’s been abused, we think that it’s our fault. It doesn’t matter who you are or how successful you are, that feeling doesn’t go away. I was really inspired by her speaking up, but even more so about the women speaking up in the past couple days about Harvey Weinstein. Those are such small examples we get to hear about because those people are famous. But can you imagine how many experiences happen around the world that women don’t feel they have the power to call attention to? Because they’re terrified for their lives and their reputations. It’s really important that when we do have a microphone and a platform that we set an example for girls who don’t have access to money or people believing us. So I’m proud of Taylor, I’m proud of the women who have come forward lately, and I’m proud of every woman who speaks up about something they’re terrified about.


“It takes no compromise to give people their rights…it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression”

“All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential”

“All men are created equal. Now matter how hard they try, they can never erase those words. That is what America is about”

“Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight”

“I know you can’t live on hope alone; but without hope, life is not worth living. So you, and you and you: you got to give them hope; you got to give them hope”

“You’ve gotta give them hope. If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door”

“Hope is never silent”

Harvey Milk