The proposal.

Because no words needed between these two to understand each other’s feelings. 

And sorry the ring is just too simple and plain ;___; I hate myself.


“Hey Sasuke what’s that under your poncho?”

“Hm? There’s nothing under- JK it’s my waifu” 


BOO! Hahaha I’m quite sad that I couldn’t actually fit through the head hole that would’ve been funnier, but I still think all of the fanart of Sakura under Sasuke’s poncho is really really cute <3 ; u ;

Sakura is me, Miss Steak Cosplay

Sasuke is Soushike Cosplay!

Photos by JT Scout!

Thank you so much for all of your support! It means the world to me :’) Inspired by cutie natto’s art!!
✿∴° °∴✿° Daffodils °✿∴° °·∴✿
  • ✿°∴°✿
  • Naruto:Sakura-chan!
  • Sakura:Oh! it Naruto
  • Sarada:Uncle Naruto!
  • Sasuke:Tch!
  • Naruto:Its little Sarada! Here I pick this just for you. (Hands her a daffodil)
  • Note:Sarada is 3 years old here
  • Sarada:Arigato Uncle Naruto!
  • Sasuke:*staring at the Daffodil
  • Sakura:Is something wrong Sasuke-kun?
  • Naruto:Remind you of something?
  • Sasuke:You are doing this on purpose aren’t you.
  • Sakura:huh?
  • Naruto:Hehe who knows, I will see you guys later. Bye Bye Sarada!
  • Sarada:Bye Bye
  • Sakura:Oh! I get it now. It just like back then.
  • Sasuke:The hospital room…
  • Sakura:And after the war. I bought daffodils to your hospital room just like the day Lady Tsunade woke you up. Do you remember what I told you.
  • Sasuke:
  • Sakura:I told you that they mea-
  • Sasuke:Forgiveness and New Beginnings.
  • Sakura:So you do remember. Look down at Sarada in her arms. It like Sarada is your Daffodil, your new New Beginning.
  • walks ahead of Sakura and stops at Ino Yamanaka Flower Shop. Ino giggled a bit and hand him something. Sakura watch in confusion. Sasuke walks back to her
  • Sakura:Sasuke-kun is something the matter?
  • Sasuke pull out what Ino gave him. Placing it in Sakura hair
  • Sakura:Huh? This is…
  • Sasuke:Both of you are my New Beginnings. You never stop loving me even once and here I am with you as my wife till not even death do us part. We have Sarada and even more to come in the future. You made a vow to fill my days with happiness and Sakura I also made a vow to love, protect, and fill your life with happiness just like you are doing mine. The both of you are my Daffodils and I couldn’t be more happy as I am now with you in my life.
  • Sakura:*staring to cry* wa wah wahh ahh wahhhh!!!
  • Sasuke:*pulls her into his chest and kiss her on the forehead* …Thank you Sakura…
  • ✿°∴°✿