Yesterday we shot with the super funny mrdustinn, he seriously acts just like Naruto and he and Kevin’s dynamic was just great to see LOL they’re both self-conscious of their nips HAHAHA. 😂

WE ALSO VLOGGED IT (took turns) so I hope you will enjoy it when it’s up! Thanks again to the fantastic shutterfoo for the amazing photos and location! So excited to show you them! It was great cosplaying Sakura and making new friends, really cheered me up. 💕🌹

■ Instagrams ■
Naruto: mrdustinn, Sakura: steakpresident, Sasuke: Soushike_cake


and you put the future of konoha in the hands of these people

sasuke-kun is gruff and aloof and carries with him an incredible air of aristocracy - but he meanders his way through the sunlit patch under sakura’s balcony before every mission and, waving sleepily, sakura smiles, because his heart is kind.