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  • Haruka: Expert friendzoner, everyone in Utapri suffers because of her.
  • Ren: Fuckboi (His main bitch: Masato) Looks Irish (tf)
  • Masato: The depreciation of an emo with daddy problems, Ren's slut. Fetish for waterfalls.
  • Syo: The overly active,singing hobbit. Gay for bipolar duckling
  • Natsuki: A large human duckling with bipolar issues. "Cooking with no book" game is strong. Spwan of aph Canada
  • Otoya: Redhead cutie, but is a loud slut for Hannah Montana. Very high self esteem (god only knows where he gets it from)
  • Tokiya: Hannah Montana (Best of both worlds)
  • Cecil: Aladdin (wasn't very lucky with the three wishes)
  • Camus: Flawless bastard who probably, secretly gets drunk on coffee every morning.
  • Reiji: Always happy, Pervert who needs to calm down. Plays maracas. Victim of everyone's come backs in Utapri.
  • Ai: 2.0. Microsoft user. Idol robot
  • Ranmaru: Punk-rock poser. Weakness: Cats and meat.
  • Headmaster Shining: Words cannot describe.

Uta no☆prince-sama♪

♥Nanami Haruka

♥Ittoki Otoya

♥Hijirikawa Masato

♥Shinomiya Natsuki

♥Ichinose Tokiya

♥Jinguji Ren

♥Kurusu Shou

♥Aijima Cecil

There’s probably already one of these out there somewhere, but here’s a height chart for the characters of Uta no Prince-sama!
I used their season 3 outfits since they’re what’s currently clogging every search engine known to man (not to mention apparently none of them change heights between seasons…)
Just like with my other height chart, these are based on what I found on their wiki articles:

Haruka Nanami: 154 cm (estimate)
Syo Kurusu: 161 cm
Tomochika Shibuya: 163 cm 
Reiji Kotobuki: 173 cm
Ringo Tsukimiya: 173 cm
Otoya Ittoki: 175 cm
Cecil Aijima: 177 cm
Ai Mikaze: 178 cm
Tokiya Ichinose: 179 cm
Masato Hijirikawa: 181 cm
Ranmaru Kurosaki: 182 cm
Ren Jinguji: 183 cm
Camus: 184 cm
Natsuki Shinomiya: 186 cm
Ryuya Hyuga: 192 cm
Shining Saotome: 200 cm

anonymous asked:

im not the same anon but i would like to see your haruka headcanons for her and a female s/o because im a biromantic ;;u;; thank you for having such an amazing blog! (*^_^*)

It’s cute to see Haruka love! I liked writing this one a little too much~

Originally posted by futabasendou

  • Haruka wold be really really shy once she realises her feelings for you, in fact she wouldn’t know what she exactly felt until she read a romance or Tomo-chan pointed out
  • She’d be really anxious around you. The very mention of your name would send butterflies in her stomach and make her cheeks flush a deep red
  • She’d often want to accompany you to shopping, swimming and such. She’d be very shy and fidgety about it though
  • With that said, if you feel the same way as she does for you, you have to make the first move here!
  • She turns very understanding and caring for her lover despite being nervous and jumpy. Her heart overflows with love. Over time, she naturally gets more comfy around you
  • She would listen to your problems even if she can’t do much. She’d do anything she can for you as your smile is her top priority
  • She’s sing you a song, grow you some flowers, make you cakes and other such treats when you don’t feel good
  • She’s a bit nervous with affection (but she LOVES being showered with kisses and snuggles) so you have to initiate it here. Slowly, she’ll come around to kissing or hugging you first
  • You and Tomo would be soul sisters because of your connection to Haruka. Tomo would dress up with the two of you whenever you need an outfit for a date
  • Haruka doesn’t mind holding hands but that’s how far she’ll go without blushing and stuttering in public
  • She’d leave little notes in your lunchbox and whenever you feel down, she would tell you (with a determined face) how much you mean to her
  • If you’re around the same size, she’d like to see you wear her pyjamas.
  • She remembers every single detail you tell her. Supposedly, you don’t like kiwi or hate spiders, she wouldn’t put kiwi in your fruit bowl and when you see a spider, she’ll try her best to get rid of it for you :3
  • She’s very selfless and would place you before her. The first cake piece is yours. You can use the warm water first for a shower. You can have the bigger slice of meat. She’s that sort of person
  • You should take very good care of her too, okay? Or Tomo and STARISH would hunt you down, lady or not XD