Welcome to UtaPri...
  • Haruka: Expert friendzoner, everyone in Utapri suffers because of her.
  • Ren: Fuckboi (His main bitch: Masato) Looks Irish (tf)
  • Masato: The depreciation of an emo with daddy problems, Ren's slut. Fetish for waterfalls.
  • Syo: The overly active,singing hobbit. Gay for bipolar duckling
  • Natsuki: A large human duckling with bipolar issues. "Cooking with no book" game is strong. Spwan of aph Canada
  • Otoya: Redhead cutie, but is a loud slut for Hannah Montana. Very high self esteem (god only knows where he gets it from)
  • Tokiya: Hannah Montana (Best of both worlds)
  • Cecil: Aladdin (wasn't very lucky with the three wishes)
  • Camus: Flawless bastard who probably, secretly gets drunk on coffee every morning.
  • Reiji: Always happy, Pervert who needs to calm down. Plays maracas. Victim of everyone's come backs in Utapri.
  • Ai: 2.0. Microsoft user. Idol robot
  • Ranmaru: Punk-rock poser. Weakness: Cats and meat.
  • Headmaster Shining: Words cannot describe.
Utapri feels

*watching Utapri like* 

*blasting Quartet Night around other people like* 

*thinking about every character like*

*wondering who Haruka is gonna pick like* 

*watching Heavens perform like* 

*finishing a season like* 


STARISH Confrontation

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