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Anime: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Song: Mr. Carmack & Stooki Sound - Uppers (Ca$s)
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You see this!! This is how Haru looked at Makoto when Makoto made this expression after Haru just fainted and woke up. Throughout the movie Haru didn’t really have any expression but whenever Makoto was making a different expression besides his smiley lovely face, Haru would show some sort of expression on his face. It just shows how much impact Makoto has on Haru & I just need them to get married already and be happy together forever!! I can’t get enough of them!!

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Hello! Makoto's Fresh Fruit Birthday merchandise came out and I couldn't help but wonder... Are the flowers on his merchandise by any chance Japanese Tree Peonies? And if they are, do you know if they hold any significant meaning in Japan? The flowers drawn for Haru's are hydrangeas, right? Symbolism for hydrangeas was much easier to look up... I was just wondering what Makoto's flowers were and what they symbolised (and if you knew).

REALLY sorry for the late reply but here you go!

If you compare his birthday merch illustrations in 2015 and 2016:

You’ll see that the flowers are almost identical. Since in 2015 the flowers are described as “Makoto’s birthday month flowers,” I’m willing the bet that they used his birthday flower as motif again this year!

So what flower is it? According to this Japanese website, the birthday flower of November in Japan is:

which I think fits the shape and color of the flowers in the illustrations!

Camellia (Camellia japonica) in Chinese is called 山茶花, which is literally “mountain tea flower,” so maybe it is what you mean by Japanese tea peonies! (Please note that the 山茶花 is a false friend in Japanese. Pronounced sazanka, the word means Camellia sasanqua and is not considered a ‘true’ camellia in Japan)

While I’m at it, it’s also interesting to note that birthday flowers have many different variations. There are ones for specific dates, and they are different by country too. FYI in USA the November flower is Chrysanthemum , in China it’s sasanqua/sazanka (lol yeah it’s confusing), and in France heliotrope. I think camellia is our closest match. 

The flower means: ideal love, modesty, love that is whole, perfect charm, femininity, honor, reserved gentleness, virtue, stylish, ideal romance, I will always love you, respect and affection, wonderment, complete, perfect

Some of them are quite fitting, don’t you think? ^_~

As for Haruka, again let’s look at the illustrations from 2015 and 2016:

The shapes are a little different but the colors are the same, so I’ll assume they are the same flowers again drawn in slightly different style. I looked up hydrangeas on the same website again and it says it’s a June birthday flower, so I think it’s a match again!

The flower means: proud, braggart, perseverance, persevering love, a lively woman, heartless, ruthless, indifference, frivolity, infidelity, betrayal, harmony in family, you are cold, you are beautiful but cold.

Oh no… XD


Ok but guys this whole scene actually makes the events of free! even more painful. Makoto struggles through the whole movie to understand his own feelings, he wants to understand himself and his reasons for swimming, and then we have this scene where Makoto finally finds his answer… he loves swimming, and he wants to share that with Haru, he wants to swim by his side, and Haru tells Makoto that it’s a given they’ll swim together… always. Until years later where Makoto starts to realize Haru is drifting away to a place he can no longer reach… and he can’t do anything but let that little boy he grew up with, go.

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