• haruhi:do you have the time
  • tamaki:for you haruhi? haruhi are you joking? are you yankin my chain? are you joshin me? haruhi. i would always make time for you. my time is precious but you are more so. haruhi fujioka, you... are a shining pearl in the a sea of mediocrity. I would do anything for you *wipes tear*
  • haruhi:no man, like what time is it

Tamaki: There is only one good reason for two people to have sex. And that is, love.
Haruhi: Tamaki, I love you. But there is many more reasons for having sex.
Tamaki: Name one!
Haruhi: I can name 50! Make-up sex, break-up sex, someone told you about a new position sex…
Kyoya: Revenge, rebound, paratrooping…
Haruhi: Nothing good on TV, you are in a hotel, curiosity…
*32 reasons later*
Kaoru: She said she loves you, but you are not ready to say it back yet sex.
Haruhi: 43!
Mori: Wingman driving on the friend grenade.
Haruhi: 44!
Kyoya: The condoms are about to expire.
Haruhi: 45!
*Everybody stays quiet for a while*
Haruhi: This is actually getting pretty hard…
Hikaru: 46!