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Fanfic reader problem #3

Ok it’s not that you don’t love to read , but you don’t read books that much anymore because you’re busy reading fanfiction. Like those are your books now and that’s almost the only source of reading you have now. But you love books too so you’re torn between the two. Heck some fanfiction could even count as books because they’re so beautifully written and are really long

Christmas is like
  • Me, at December 1st: OMG, I'm so excited for Christmas!
  • Me, at December 25th: IT'S FINALLY CHRISTMAS! *Gets Christmas hat and use it* *Gets fluffy blanket* *Makes hot chocolate* *Sits on bed and gets Cellphone* *Open fanfic sites* I'm ready for the Christmas magic.
Compilation of MakoHaru moments in Free! Starting Days


So I decided to do a post on my favourite MakoHaru moments from the movie and it turned out to be everything_(:3」∠)_

1) Their usual routine:

“Good morning, Haru-chan!”

“I told you not to use ‘chan’.”

Makoto making sure Haru wears his uniform properly.

Makoto fetching Haru to school and being familiar with Haru-mama.

 2)  Makoto being playful (flirting) with Haru

“How did you know I was there?”

“I know everything about Haru.”

“…Though I’d like to say that, I actually heard it from Auntie.”

3)  Haru not being pleased about Makoto switching from “boku” (more childlike manner) to “ore” (more mature) when referring to himself.


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