Here we have the rogues been dramatic, They’re like “ Oh no! I’ve been hit”

Except Len

Len is the ultimate drama queen.

You know what I want? Hartley Rathaway.
I want him as a regular on The Flash, and a guest star on Legends of Tomorrow. On The Flash, he gets his own arc, grows as a person, and provides lots of great sciency input (you know, like the stuff they were expecting from HR). On Legends, he teams up with Len and Sara to form The Gay Squad. They walk in formation and kick ass.

“He’s slamming the game again…”

“I hear him. You don’t like baseball? What planet are you from?”

“I know, I know, I’m a communist, a book burner, and I kick dogs. I just can’t sit through baseball. It moves so slow…!

“Oooh baby, whine for me. It’s so sexy…”

“Everything moves slowly for you, Wally. Have pity on us mortal snails.”

-Flash v2 #80

These three need to meet because they were the original Team Flash.

anonymous asked:

concept: central city messenger group chat. it starts as a small thing between flash and co. but somehow hartley finds it and forcibly hacks his way in bc cisco was being rude and wouldnt just invite him, and then the rest of the rogues all join in when they find out, but somehow hartley's program backfires and NO ONE can leave the chat or even mute the notifications, so it becomes a giant, never ending, hellish mess of memes and villain/hero taunting and petty insults 24/7

i saw this ask and audibly gasped holy shit lmfao

barry: ok guys lets get down to business
cisco: to defeat the huns
-hartley has joined Official Flash Business-
-hartley has renamed the chat Cisco Is A Shithead-
cisco: first of all,
cisco: how dare you?
cisco: second of all,
-cisco has renamed the chat hartley rathaway can fight me in the alleyway behind dennys-
-hartley has renamed the chat Cisco Ramon Is Going To Get His Ass Kicked And Everyone Is Invited To Watch-
barry: um