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These stunning images of sunrise and sunset will make you want to explore America’s public lands: http://on.doi.gov/1yvGeRd

To celebrate the start of National Park Week, all national parks are waiving entrance fees on April 18-19.

Captions from top to bottom:

The calm after the storm is truly beautiful. This photo of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon was taken from Discovery Point just at sunrise just as a storm was clearly the park. Photo by Greg Nyquist (www.sharetheexperience.org).

Established in 1932 as a migratory bird refuge, Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge encompasses a 22-mile segment of the southeast Atlantic coast. This South Carolina refuge consists of 66,287 acres of barrier islands, salt marshes, intricate coastal waterways, long sandy beaches, fresh and brackish water impoundments, and maritime forest. Photo by Ben Sumrell.

The sky is ablaze with color during sunset at Warner Wetlands. The 52,000-acre Warner Wetlands is home to lakes surrounds by the high desert along the base of Hart Mountain in southeastern Oregon. Photo by Roman Iacobucci, BLM (mypubliclands)

The Island in the Sky mesa – at Canyonlands National Park in Utah – rests on sheer sandstone cliffs over 1,000 feet above the surrounding terrain. Every overlook offers a different perspective on Canyonlands’ spectacular landscape, like this stunning vista seen from Green River Overlook. Pic by Rowena Trapp (www.sharetheexperience.org).

Sunsets are amazing at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Randy Langstraat captured this pic from Cape Royal — a point that provides a panorama up, down, and across the canyon. With seemingly unlimited vistas to the east and west, it is popular for both sunrise and sunset. Photo from www.sharetheexperience.org.

The Gippsland Lakes in Australia is a beautiful example of bioluminescence.   Noctiluca scintillans, commonly known as Sea Sparkle, is the non-parasitic, marine-dwelling dinoflagellate that exhibits the bioluminescence throughout its cytoplasm when disturbed.

Someone just gained a new sibling in the second trailer for The Secret Life Of Pets, Illumination Entertainment’s new comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day, featuring the voices of Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet, Ellie KemperLake Bell, Jenny Slate, Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynihan and Albert Brooks.

You set me up, DeBateau!” 

“Well, well, the Pink Rabbit himself, in person. This is indeed an honour.”

“Shut up, DeBateau!” 

“Put the gun down, Ethan. I know you can at least pretend to be civilized.” 

“The heist was a set-up! They knew I was coming! I barely got away alive.”

“And so you point a gun at me?”

"You set me up!”

"Ethan my boy, I know you’re clever; try to act like it, please. Why would I set up my best man to be killed?”

"Maybe your best man’s just getting a little too good.”

"And so I’d hand him over to the police? Use your head: you know too much. Believe me when I say if I wanted you dead…you’d be dead.”