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Raf didn't lose his virginity until he was enlisted; he was waiting for 'the one', but once he wound up fighting he decided maybe he wouldn't make it back home to find her (or him!). He was on shore leave when he wound up with some pretty, scrappy girl whose name he can't remember to this day. She kept calling him hon — 'You look lost, hon.' 'Gonna buy me a drink, hon?' He wound up picking up the habit and used it with his wife without even realising where he got it from.

On the topic of picking up mannerisms, no one called Jerrod, “Jer”, before MacCready did. It took him by surprise, especially after the months of just being called Boss. Mac mostly did it out of laziness at first, liking how the name punctuated off his tongue, but Jerrod became attached to the pet name and Mac’s been calling him that ever since.

Jerrod is still keen to call him Robert, but has been known to let slip a “Cread” or “Bob-bo” to agitate him when he’s feeling a bit fiesty.

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1 and 21 on the writing meme!

1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

I’ve written f/f Hartwin before, and I’ve seen a few girl!Eggsy/canon!Harry stories about, but I reeaally want to write Eggsy as he is in the film doing the exact same starry heart eyes at older lady spy Harry. (Harriet? Henrietta, called Harry? I like that one.) Soon! I have no idea whether anybody will want to read it, but it’s been lodged in my brain for a year and a half now so I’m going to have to write it at some point just to flush it out of my system. I’m only holding off because I want to finish all 947 of my lingering WIPs first.

She looks like Catherine Deneuve.

21) what do you think when you read over your older work?

Depends what it is! I was so horrified at the godawful rubbish I sharted out in Harry Potter fandom between about 2000 and 2005 that I deleted it all. My next fandom was The Mighty Boosh and I’m still super fond of all that old fic even when it’s not particularly great, because that was the beauty of the show and the fandom - it was permission to be ridiculous as adults in the way you’re supposed to give up as soon as you’re no longer a child. It was all about stupid jokes that don’t go anywhere and getting used to the idea that you’re allowed to experiment with art and writing and any kind of creation you feel like and it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit slapdash and useless - whatever you end up with is worthwhile if it makes you happy, and nobody else’s arbitrary opinion on what is and isn’t ~good means a thing. Excellent life lessons :-) so yeah, I still love all the absurd fic I wrote for those idiots, partly because it was fun but also because of what it all stands for in a wider way. I haven’t read any of it in ages, might go and have a nostalgia binge now.

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AU;  part four - famous singer harry styles is rumoured to be dating song writer niall horan. it’s as far away from complicated as it gets now.

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they tried
  • Hermione & Pansy:*bursts into dorm room with camera* YOU TWO ARE HAVING SEX!
  • Harry:*doing homework* ...
  • Draco:*reading* ...
  • Harry:...
  • Draco:*looks over* Harry? Really? Why didn't you tell me, I would've put my book down.
when stay alive (reprise) comes on and ur all out of skips