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written confessions
  • ok ok so vernon
  • is in love with you 
  • like that kind of love where you just want to spend all your nights screaming along to harry styles songs and eating pizza with kind of love 
  • you’re in his mandatory English class and it’s honors cause ur a real smart b in this shit 
  • and you’re a fucking legend in your college for being real good with writing and once you had to peer edit each other’s papers and he took it back to his dorm expecting to be bored af cause he doesn’t think the rumors are true and is ready to make small comments and he literally cries instead
  • like wow??? you literally moved him with your paper???
  • and Vernon wants to be a rapper and move people with his words and he’s just blown away with how you’ve managed to move him to tears with your paper 
  • he takes his time commenting back on your paper and even adds a lil gold star sticker from his sticker collection cause he’s so stoked 
  • but when he gives your paper back to you you mention the star and he gets rlly embarrassed and starts apologizing and turning all red but you just smile at him 
  • and it takes his breath away 

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