[*] indicate sexual content. Reader’s discretion advised.


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No Control– Harry Styles [*]

Harry likes to play by his rules, and when you break them, punishment is definitely on his To-Do list. If there is one thing you find out is that when it comes to sex with Harry, you have no control.

Give Me Love– Harry Styles [*]

Break-up sex, but not the typical definition. The exact opposite, actually.
video edit

Pre-Show Snack– Harry Styles [*]

Doctors recommend eating five times a day– three meals and two snacks inbetween. Harry gets a bit hungry before a show, and you look really appetizing at the moment.

At A Boy– Harry Styles

The older boys love messing around with Harry– especially about his private life with Y/N.

Sorry– Harry Styles [*]

He’s tired, but not as tired as you think.

Unstable Ride– Harry Styles

Harry and Y/N get caught doing the dirty in his car after his mother’s wedding. What’s the price he has to pay to keep it on the hush-hush?

Push-Ups– Harry Styles

Liam thought he was walking in on Y/N motivating Harry on his exercising, but maybe not the kind he expected.

You Belong To Me– Dark Harry Styles

“I wish you didn’t have to post it out,

I wish you’d save a little bit just for me,

Protective or possessive, yeah

Call it passive or aggressive.“

To Give Or Not To Give?– Liam Payne

“You know what they say: ‘To give or not to give?’ That is the question.”

“It’s ‘To be or not to be?’”

“It’s ‘Are you gonna give me a blowjob or not?’”

Part 2: Not To Give, Apparently– Liam Payne [*]

Tweaking the deal a bit never hurt anybody.

Count On Me– Harry Styles

“You can count on me like 1, 2, 3

I’ll be there,

And I know when I need it

I can count on you like 4, 3, 2

And you’ll be there,

‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do.”

A Different Kind Of Party– Harry Styles

Gemma’s surprise birthday party or Harry’s first performance as a stripper? Who knows, but why not find out?

Locked Out Of Heaven– Harry Styles [*]

“'Cause your sex takes me to paradise

Yeah, your sex takes me to paradise

And it shows

Yeah, yeah, yeah

‘Cause you make me feel like I’ve been locked out of heaven

For too long, for too long.”

Chemicals Collide– Niall Horan

A deal-striking roommate, notorious frat boys, and an unexpected turn of events.
video edit

Emerald Stone and Eyes to Match– Witch!Harry

A faulty warlock receives help from a cheery witch and the fire that’s set alight isn’t just the one in his hand.

sexology student!harry
sexology student!harry part II [*]

Y/N’s curious about why Harry decided to pursue sexology as a career and he’s more than happy to show her.

i’ve got you– harry styles [*]

In where Y/N is a virgin and Harry wants to make sure she feels loved.

submissive!harry: [*]

– all are separate blurbs


sub!harry I
sub!harry II (Fuck Me) –includes audio!

Two Is Such a Bore; Let’s Add One More– narry + Y/N [*]

“The three of them seemed to really fit together like a puzzle and that’s exactly why he had agreed to this entire threesome idea.”

Waking Up Beside You [h.s.] [*]

Harry wakes up with a little (not necessarily) problem.

I Show You My Heart [h.s.] [*]

“The sentence that comes after is simple in construction but holds the complexity of the universe:

‘I want to make love to you.’

Issues [h.s.] [*]

Harry’s aware he should learn to keep it in his pants but it’s just really hard–literally.

Taste On My Tongue [h.s.] [*]

That lime vodka isn’t the only thing Harry will be licking off his lips tonight.

Fixer-Upper [h.s.] [*]

As a mechanic, Harry can fix anything from a busted engine to a faulty battery.  He’s more than happy to add Y/N’s hormones to that list.

Little Horny, S’all [h.s] (mentions mature content but not actual smut)

“Y/N felt personally victimized. It’s as if whatever higher power controlled Harry’s ability to be incredibly fuckable had chosen this specific day at this specific time to make her life utterly impossible.”

Golfing Shenanigans [h.s.] [*]

Let’s just say that a golf ball isn’t the only thing going into a tight hole today. 

Strap It On [h.s] [*] 

part II [*]

“‘Quick entrance or slow?’

‘Quick.’ He breathes, gripping the cushion tighter.

‘On three. One, two–’

Hips are thrust swiftly against his and he feels himself filling up to the brink. Harry isn’t kidding when he says that the scream he lets out could put a pornstar to shame.”

A Warm Welcome [h.s.] [*]

Harry (more formally known as Hades) is a ball of pure energy when his beloved wife returns for their given six months of the year. It’s safe to say a warm welcome is more than necessary.  


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