Harry Reems

Reems, the male lead in Deep Throat opposite Linda Lovelace, had a relatively long career in XXX, starring in nearly 100 films with many of early porn’s finest leading ladies. Harry Reems was, for instance, Georgina Spelvin’s guide through Hell in The Devil In Miss Jones, worked with Ginger Lynn and Traci Lords in The Grafenberg Spot, Memories Within Miss Aggie with Darby Lloyd Rains and won AVN’s Best Actor - Film award in 1985 for Trashy Lady. Reems retired in the mid-‘80s, shunned any current connection to the industry and now reportedly sells real estate in Utah.

RIP Herbert Streicher, better known as Harry Reems. One of the stars with Linda Lovelace in the infamous porn movie Deep Throat back in 1972. His legal battles defending First Ammendment rights has a lot to do with the amount of porn available for all Americans to enjoy. Bless him and may he rest in peace.