Happee 35th Birthdae, Harry! 7/31/2015

Happee birthdae to two cuties! The prophecy bros!

Neville Longbottom, born July 30th.
Harry Potter (The Boy Who Lived), born July 31st.

This was supposed to be a quick sketch I did in an hour, but here we are 5 hours later at 2 am. Welp. That’s what happens when you play with a new coloring technique.

Durmstrang Aesthetics → Gellert Grindelwald
In Honor Of JK Rowling's 50th Birthday, Here Are 50 Reasons To Love Harry Potter!

In Honor Of JK Rowling’s 50th Birthday, Here Are 50 Reasons To Love Harry Potter!


July 31st is not only the birthday of The Boy Who Lived, but it is also JK Rowling‘s birthday! The author of the Harry Potter series turns 50 today, so we’re celebrating with 50 reasons why we love Harry Potter!

4 Houses


At this point, House sorting is probably taken more seriously by Muggle fans than by Hogwarts students!

7 Weasley Siblings


Charlie, Bill,…

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