Can you imagine wizards at Hogwarts today quoting vines and making memes?

Hufflepuff in potions class: [takes vial] This bitch is empty! [throws] YEET!

Slytherin: This is so sad. Alexa, play Potter Stinks!

Gryffindor: Hi, my name is Trey and I have a Quittitch game tomorrow!

Professor: There’s only one natural enemy to the Werewolf.

Ravenclaw: [gasp] A child!

A Struggle To Muggle

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Characters: Y/n, Draco

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, silly Draco, teensy smut at the end…

Word count: 650

Summary: Draco still isn’t used to your world.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic from @ancient-reader-DracoxOC where OC is muggleborn or knows a lot of muggle technology and has to keep stopping him from doing things like putting his hand in a toaster or starting a microwave with the door open…Draco’s totally OOC, but this is the only way I could make the fic work…Hope u like it!!


Never in a million years would anyone have expected Draco Malfoy to be dating a Muggle. 

A boy brought up on ideals and morals that taught him Muggles were nothing more than vermin-to be stepped on by wizards, put in their place as the inferior species.

And yet-here he was, sat on the couch with you in his arms, watching you press what he initially thought was an extremely large wand, but now knew to be the remote, the television in front of him switching channels without so much as a spell uttered from you.

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fred weasley is the type of guy who loves his girl’s neck

like, especially the base - between the actual neck and the collarbones. it would be his favourite place to leave hickies on. it would be the part of the girl’s body he’d love the most, where he likes to rest his head, leave his hands when he’s sleeping next to her with his arm draped over her, his fingers ghosting over the base of her neck. it’s almost ticklish, but since he’s touching that place all the time, the girl’s skin is already used to it and it’s not so sensitive anymore.

Imagine being a exchange student at Hogwarts.

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“May we welcome the first of hopefully many more exchange students, y/n l/n from y/n/c.”


“So why don’t you guys use paper and pencils? I would think that’d be cheaper than parchment and quills and a whole lot neater.”


“Sorry, my bad. Aesthetically pleasing stuff, I get it.”


“Why is it so cold in here?”

“It’s not.”

“Seriously? It’s the middle of winter in a stone castle and you guys don’t think it’s cold?”


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Y/n/c ——> Your native country (pretty much where you’re from)

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Imagine after Dobby dies Harry gives you a long needy kiss

You pitifully trudged thought the knee high grass it’s golden hue shining in the afternoon sun and in the middle of it sat Harry. You looked away, the memory of the little house elf clawed at your emotions. Silently you sat down next to your pained other half.

“He was a good friend, Harry.” Your hand rubbed smooth circles into his back but the internal battle he faced shone through his blank eyes.

“Harry?” The words shrivelled in your throat as he placed a firm hand on the back of your neck and swiftly drew you in where your lips connected. It was a needy kiss, one that you let him take control of. When you finally drew back for air he placed his forehead upon yours gazing solemnly into each other’s eyes. Words were left unsaid yet nothing was left unspoken.

It is the year 2018 and 20 years since the defeat of Lord Voldemort and a group of Ravenclaws decide to all go outside and walk their cats. Because the cats are cats, they all just collapse to the ground when the harness is attached.

McGonnagal walks outside to see a cluster of cats being simultaneously dragged like a ragdoll across the Quidditch pitch and she is silently whispering to herself “What the fuck?” 

Fictober Day 15

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“I thought you had forgotten.”

You were sitting on the edge of the Great Lake, waiting patiently for your date to show up. In all honesty, you weren’t sure if the famous Harry Potter would turn up. Why would the most famous and handsome man of your year want anything to do with you, the nerdy, shy and quiet Ravenclaw who had never even been kissed. You were about to get up and head back to the castle when you felt a tap on your shoulder and saw Harry standing behind you, a bunch of your favourite flowers in his hands and a happy smile spread across his face

“I’m so sorry I was late Y/N, Snape caught me on the way out of the castle and interrogated me about what I was planning. I had to tell him about our date” he said and you shrug

“Well at least your here now, and thank you for my flowers,” you say as you sniff the bouquet

“You are quite welcome, Y/N,” he says, sitting next to you on the blanket and pulling you close. Your fiddling with his hands when you whisper

“Honestly, I thought you had forgotten” he places a chaste kiss on your cheek, before turning your face to his and he says

“I could never forget about you Y/N”, at his words you blush and he places a tender kiss on your lips before he whispers

“I love you Y/N”.

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Ginny, sipping on tea: That’s ma girl.

When no one makes new imagines of your fav character

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AU concept

Everything is the same, except Snape is much more open with how absolutely DONE he is.

Minerva: “Severus, Potter and Weasley have found the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and went down without proper supervision, slayed the creature, and saved Ginny Weasley.”

Snape: *ridiculously long sigh and an extended moment of silence* “ God Damn it. Of course they would, what else would they do? God damn it.”

Draco: *gets into a fight with Ron*

Snape: “Malfoy, I swear to….just one fucking day is all I ask… for you to not make someone want to punch you… Just One Day.

Neville: *blows up a cauldron*

Snape: *head in one hand, not even angry at this point* "I just…..god damn it”

Draco: My father will hear about this!

Lucius: I am your father, Draco.



Lovesick Niffler

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Summary: Can a Niffler help Newt meet the one?

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Warning: none.

“Where did that little bugger run off to this time?” Newt muttered as he scowered the crowded streets of Paris in search of his Niffler.

Many gasp and exclamations of distress were uttered from everyone he bumped into in a rush to find the cleptomaniac.

The sounds and commotion of the streets didn’t deter him from his goal until he heard a soft feminine voice coming from a table at a sidewalk cafe.

“No, Niffler.” Your voice was firm but still held a gentleness in your tone.

Newt halted crashing into a few gentlemen. He apologized profusely and then turned trying to spot the woman probably being robbed by his Niffler.

What he saw outstanded him. Sitting on a small table was a young woman and on top of the table was Niffler. He had built a small pile of jewels in front of the woman and kept taking out more treasures from his pouch and pushing them towards the lady.

Newt aproached carefully curious about what was going on. Niffler was behaving like never before.

“Niffler, I don’t want jewelry.” You said with a soft giggle when the tiny creature kept giving you rings, earrings and necklaces.

The Niffler stopped and turned his head in contemplation. He reached into his pouch and started putting gold coins on the table.

Your harmonious laughter carried through the streets. “I don’t want money either. I’m alright.”

The Niffler looked about as confused as anyone could look.

“Excuse me, miss.” Newt finally announced his presence startling both you and the Niffler.

“Oh, this has a very resonable explanation.” You said pushing the pile of jewels and money towards the creature who began quickly stuffing them back in his pouch.

“Oh, I know.” Newt answered giving an awkward laugh. He made brief eye contact with you and froze. Your eyes looked like beautiful (Y/E/C) gems. Niffler noticed the interaction between you two and quickly stood. He marched up to you and gently placed his paws on your cheeks, turning your shiny eyes back to him.

You laughed and petted Niffler.

“So he’s your Niffler?” You asked.

“Yes, he keeps escaping. Any excuse to get his hands on something shiny.” He said and took a few steps closer. The Niffler glared at him.

“Well he was giving stuff away this time.” You said gently and in a joking tone.

“Yes, I noticed. It was rather odd behavior. I didn’t understand until-” he cut himself off embarrassed of his own theory.

“Until what?” You asked curiously turning your gaze towards him and setting the Niffler on your lap when you saw he was going to protest.

“Until I saw your eyes.” He said and stared at his feet which were shifting uncomfortably.

You smiled and blinked a few times intending to tease him. “What about my eyes?” You asked.

You shifted your gaze down to the creature in your lap. “Do you like my eyes?” You asked it in a cute voice. Like you’d speak to a baby. The Niffler quickly stood and nodded reaching up towards your face.

You laughed happily.

“Are my eyes shiny then?” You asked the strange man before you.

“They actually resemble precious gems.” He answered looking up but avoiding your gaze again when he saw the very gems he spoke of.

You analized him before extending your hand towards him. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” you waited for him to take your delicate hand.

Newt nodded and quickly shook your hand. “Newt Scamander.” He said and startled when you gasped.

“You’re…you’re the author!” You exclaimed, excited.

“Uh..yes. I am.” He said and ran his fingers through his hair in the nervous habit he had.

You quickly reached into your purse and pulled out said book. “I haven’t finished it but it has been fantastic so far.” You gushed excitedly.

“You’re reading it? Wow. I’m…I’m glad you like it.” He was amazed that someone so quickly liked his book. He’d been hoping to teach and sensibilize he’s fellow wizards but he thought it’d take time.

“Can I…I’m sorry…I just…would you sign my book?” You asked shyly your cheeks tinting red.

“Oh! Of course.” He said and searched his pockets for a quill.

You noticed him coming up empty so you turned your dazzling smile towards Niffler. “Sweetheart, do you have a pen?” You asked while mimicking the movement of writing.

The niffler searched in his pouch and produced a solid gold pen.

“Uh! Brilliant taste, sweetheart.” You complemented and patted his head. You passed the pen and book towards Newt.

Your fingers brushed as you exchanged the materials and both felt sparks run up and down your spines.

“To Y/N, the Niffler whisperer. Thank you for making my night. Much care, Newt Scamander.” He whispered as he wrote. “There!” He said and handed it back to you.

You read it and laughed. “Thank you, Mr. Scamander.” You said and batted your eyes at him making his knees go weak and his mouth dry.

He cleared his throat and pulled on his shirt collar. “It’s not a problem at all.”

You turned back around to the Niffler and kissed his beak. “It’s time for you to go back with Mr. Scamander.” You told him.

The Niffler protested and reached for your face. You let him touch it and stare at your eyes.

“It’s alright, sweetheart.” You said smiling. Newt took a step and pried the depressed Niffler from the table and then put him back in the case.

“It was nice to meet you, Ms. Y/L/N.” He said fixing his coat.

“Likewise, Mr. Scamander.” You replied sweetly.

You looked at each other for a few seconds before Newt nodded and walked away. Your eyes followed him till the crowd enveloped him and he was nowhere to be found.

***a few days later***

“Surprise!!” Newt was startled by the greeting.

He turned to see his old friends standing inside his suitcase. He was most surprised to see Jacob.

“How?…” he tried to formulate his question.

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Fluff In The Eighth Year Commons Room

The wind is gentle. The window is opened a fraction. There is an artificial skylight above them shining warm light over the colorful room. The bookshelf, stuffed to an almost breaking point, shined in the light, and pages of loose books rustled. The sound of the pages mingled calmingly with the rustle of the disturb plants, hanging around them. Many of the torches had been put out for the night, but the fireplace raged on, its crackling and dancing oddly soothing. Students sighed, pages turned, the air was warmer and the windows faced the setting sun.
And there sat Draco, trying to just absorb all of it, remember it forever.
The weight of Harry’s head on his shoulder, the way his awful, unruly hair tickled his face. The way Draco looked at the sunset, then down at Harry, and couldn’t really tell which was more beautiful. The peaceful look on Harry’s face, as Draco pretended it would last forever. As if it wouldn’t disappear the minute the boy woke up, realizing it was Draco he slept on. Draco pushed away the worry about what to say when the inevitable happened.
Harry makes a small sound and grabs Draco’s sleeve in his sleep. The blonde smiles and wraps an arm around him. He hums in contentment and restraints himself from leaning his own head on top of Harry’s. All the eight years had to share a commons room. It was an abandoned classroom of the first floor (second, for Americans), with a fireplace for the Gryffindors, a bookshelf for the Ravenclaws, fuzzy carpet and hanging torches for the Slytherins, and lots of warm lighting and plants for the Hufflepuffs. The huge couches and loveseat were cloth and plush, perfect for a nap in, as everyone knew. But most eighth years had far too horrible of nightmares to actually take naps like normal almost-adults.
Nonetheless, Harry. Harry fricking Potter. The boy who has actually experienced death, who faced his worst nightmares, who killed He-Who -Voldemort! Who saw his godfather die, who almost saw many of his friends die. You’d think he would never even close his eyes.
Draco couldn’t stand being still, he needed to do something. Harry’s peaceful face, the tiny smile appearing on his sharp features that were so uncommon. Draco memorized it as well, the way his lips turned up at the corners and revealed the tops of his white teeth. A little dorky, a little drowsy, and Draco would never get enough. So he still needed to move. He started to pet Harry’s hair.
Upon hearing that they would share a commons and a dorm, both Draco and Harry were taken aback. They didn’t hate each other. It was an understanding, a draw. Although their feud has been childish it was strong, and now they just wanted to move on, but each boy thought the other still hated him.
When Hermione Granger stormed up to him yesterday, demanding he help Harry study because apparently, she couldn’t tutor Harry and Ron anymore - Draco fights a scoff - Draco had been too dumbfounded to argue.
Harry was grudging as well, but Granger had definitely had the same talk with him, because upon Draco’s arrival, Harry only shrugged painfully, and opened his charms book.
Harry’s breathe ghosted against Draco’s neck, a bit foreign and definitely strange but Draco didn’t move. Draco sighed internally, allowing himself to relax into Harry. But Harry was going to wake up, he was going to wake up, hewasgoingtowakeup. He’d be mad, mad, he’d be mad at Draco for… For what? For nothing. He’d be disgusted, though. Falling asleep on a Malfoy? His childhood nemesis? A goddamn death eater? A person who’d tried, wanted to, kill him. Or, well, Harry could hate him for the very fact that he had bony shoulders. It couldn’t be comfortable.

Everything that Draco hated about himself he was convinced everyone else hated him for. Draco didn’t know what his mind was doing to him. And now he was tense, and Harry’s sleeping form would notice that. So Draco forcibly relaxed, and he willingly let the panic set in.

The pinks and golds of the setting sun faded, and someone closed a window. The other eighth years went to bed, oblivious to the panic of Draco; or maybe forcefully ignoring it. Someone closed the window, complaining to their friend how cold it was.

Draco didn’t say that he thought it was a comfortable temperature.

“Would you like a blanket?” Whispered a something right next to him. Draco did not jump (he lost that reflex when Voldemort moved in, something about his body triggering freeze over flight), but his breath hitched.

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Pocahontas & John Smith
You’re from two different worlds but that didn’t stop you from being together.

Meg & Hercules
He felt the need to try and impress you but that only drove you away until you showed you how sweet he really was.

Ariel & Eric
You were shy and he was loud but you both couldn’t deny the feelings between you.

Tiana & Naveen
You hated him at first. You thought his pranks were mean and you didn’t like how they were pulled on you to ‘impress’ you. However, he soon won you with his boyish charm.

Snow White & Prince Charming
You were meant for each other and despite the obstacles you faced, you never left each other’s side

Jasmine & Aladdin
You were from a family of respectable pure-bloods whereas he was seen as a traitor to the magic world.
Yet that didn’t stop you from being with him.

Beauty & The Beast
He believes he was a monster because of who he was but you saw the good in him and changed his opinion of himself.

Rapunzel & Flynn Rider
This is pretty self explanatory.


being a weasley