If Harry had been a Slytherin, 2nd year would’ve been so fun for him. The moment the rumors of him being the heir of Slytherin got out, no one would’ve stood a chance.

The literal morning after, you see Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson shoving everyone out the way saying “Move peasants, let the heir through!”, while Harry Potter is carried on Crabbe and Goyles shoulders like some makeshift throne, behind them Blaise Zambini plays “Bow Down by Beyoncé” on top volume.

No one questions it, not even the teachers.

the worst part of running this thing is having casual conversations with people at work who bring up harry potter and then having to pretend that i have a regular, casual amount of knowledge and interest in this subject and can’t bring up sixteen obscure trivia facts and five different discourse points in under six seconds

A couple of days after their wedding, Ginny found Harry in the stairs, who just couldn’t sleep. Instead of asking him to come back to bed, she sat down with him, ready to just be there for him in silence. However, he began telling her details about childhood with Dursley, the horcrux hunt and how he missed Sirius, things he never felt ready to talk about so openly until that moment. At the end, Ginny wanted to carry the weight of the world for him, even though Harry was actually feeling fine and relaxed there with her, in their own place, being the family he needed.

I love you Harry thinks, stroking Hedwig's feathers down the back. He is eleven years old and though Hedwig is not a person, he loves her more than he can recall ever loving anyone. He knows he had parents, thinks he must’ve loved them, but they are gone and Hedwig is here. for the first time he is not alone.

I love you, Harry thinks, water in his mouth but air in his lungs as he scrambles to swim towards Ron. The lake is dark and mirky and though he’s not a very good swimmer, he knows he can be good enough to save Ron. He has to be. He is fourteen and though he can not say the words to Ron, You are my family, I love you, they are true just the same.

I loved you, Harry thinks, clutching the broken shards of the mirror that will not bring Sirius back. The tears blur his vision, droplets of blood sliding down his hand as he grips the sharp edges too tight. Harry is fifteen and the weight of his grief feels bigger than his heart. Dumbledore says love saved him, but it feels like it will break him.

I love you, Harry thinks, staring at his mother and father, at everyone he once cared about surrounding him. He doesn’t know how long the resurrection stone will work, how long they can stay with him, but he thinks if he is going to die at least it will not be alone. Love cannot save him, butat least it can comfort him.

I love you Harry thinks, heart clenching painfully as he looks at Malfoy sitting beside him in the Great Hall. Malfoy’s teacup is halfway to his mouth, a genuine laugh falling from his lips. Harry doesn’t quite understand it, doesn’t know how it happened, only knows its the truth.

“I love you,” Harry says two weeks later on their way to Transfiguration. The corridors are deserted and Harry’s voice cracks with the weight of the words he has never spoken out loud. Malfoy falters, his eyes flashing with surprise before he drops his books and fists his hands in the front of Harry’s school robes, pulling him in for a desperate kiss. 

I love you, Harry thinks again as Malfoy kisses him, I love you and I am not afraid.

study like a gryffindor: break out the good snacks and pump the music, use breaks as a time to work out, go to the professor’s office hours when you have questions, be confident in your ability to succeed

study like a hufflepuff: organize study groups, do your readings in your comfiest sweaters, write your own notes and study guides from the textbook, be unafraid of the hard work that studying takes

study like a ravenclaw: think critically when re-reading notes, quiz yourself while brushing your teeth, tackle the hardest practice problems, know that you have the skills to get it done

study like a slytherin: use every resource available to study, use your notes to make your own lecture, challenge yourself by setting goals even if you’re not sure you can achieve them, be proud when you do well