A Cathlan’s theory about Harry’s new tattoo:

‘Oh Tom Atkin ( Baby Lux’s Dad)  is tattooing Harry Styles!’  Wait!  WHAT?!

Firstly, we are not pretty obssessed but guys look at this:

External image

Harry has the famous I can’t change tattoed on his wrist, and
the ellipsis points that follow the written.
Could them suggest a 'TO BE CONTINUED’?!

We may assume that Harry’s new tattoo could be the continuation of the other tattoo.
• Because both are on the left part of the body ( The coming out side).
• 'cause new tattoo seems to be a written.
• They are both at the end of a part of the body (arm and leg).

Basically, everyone knows what Harry can’t change:
Who he loves!
It’ s easy for us assume that 'who I love’ could be the continuation of the other tattoo.

So, If you CAN’T say who you are, who you love and you have to keep your secret hidden, which is the most cover ( but not too much for permitting us to know) place for a tattoo?
The ankle, whereas Harry wears closed shoes all the time and almost always has socks.

Harry, dear, you are a freaking Hipster, and everyone is in love with you for this and other reason. 
We know that you are trying to telling us something that we already know.
Keep on send us messages, because…because we are so
proud of you when you do everything you can do to underline your Love to Louis and when we see how much you are happy for who you are.

Dear fandom:

1: The mermaid tattoo is new… like yesterday new. So it wasn’t done on the day of Bullshit tweet 2.0

2: “Booze” is sharpie. Give him more credit than that.

3: “only member that isn’t 21” He can legally drink in the country that he’s actually from and lives in (most of the time… you cant claim him LA)

#end rant

So I did some analyzing..I don’t think he got the “HI” tattoo covered..look at where it is located..the bottom of the “Hi” is directly at the star’s point..if he puts his arm down..the bottom of the “hi” would still be at the star’s point…his new one that is either a heart or a yin yang or whatever it is…is like BELOW the star…I think everyone thinks he covered it cuz they can’t actually see the “hi” in those pictures..BUT to me..it doesn’t look like he did because of the angle.