You all need to watch this amazing scene from Harry’s Law. Basically, the guy was prohibited by federal law from donating blood to his dying brother because he is gay and has had sex with another man before.

We can’t get married in most states, we don’t have the same adoption rights, we die for this country in our wars but had to endure “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Where does it end? We get beat up and harassed, where does it all stop? And where are you? Where’s the court that’s supposed to stand up for the disenfranchised? Where are you?

You need to change that law. If a law is blatantly homophobic, if it puts a gay HIV-free man in a long-term monogamist relationship in the same high-risk category as a single straight guy who has unprotected sex with prostitutes and intervene as drug users, then you need to change that law.