Harry's hair

okay so after harry first got his hair cut, when it was really really really short, louis’ was quite a bit longer than his, especially his fringe, so consider this: harry braids louis’ hair into tiny, delicate lovely braids whenever he starts missing his long curls a little too much and louis lets him without a word, sometimes he even snuggles up under harry’s chin, before harry’s asked because he just knows, and afterwards louis keeps them in for as long as possible

LISTEN. Okay, so. I have no idea what happened in Mullingar, and it isn’t my business. You have no idea what happened in Mullingar, and it isn’t your business, either. Buuuut I know some of you have your thoughts and head cannons, and I NEED YOU TO SHARE THEM WITH ME because I’m going to compile them and write a fic about what happened in Mullingar in 2010 when Harry’s hair was fuzzy and Niall’s cheeks were red.

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I thought about long haired Harry today.. I thought the way his hair would be on his face while fucking you. All sweaty and tangled. And when he'd be eating you out and you would hold his hair in a 'ponytail'. And when he'd cuddle his face in the crook of your neck, his hair would act as a pillow, and it would smell like apples. And don't even start about the man bun. Sometimes he'd remember to tie his hair up and settle between your legs, saying "Daddy's got such a wet pretty little girl"

Wow fuck okay I’m a hUGGGGGGE fan of the short Dunkirk hair. But dear god did you put a buzz in my brain…. sorta can’t wait for the Apple smelling long hair to come back…

The Hair Dye: Part 2 (Simon Minter)


I’m sat in my room with Callux, JJ and Calfreezy whilst recording a vlog

Well when I say I’m sat in my room with them, Callux and Freezy are fighting JJ, who has my didgeridoo and is swinging it around, whilst Lux is fighting with my tripod and Freezy is fighting with my prop door

I don’t know whether you would class it as fighting but you know it is the boys, we’re talking about 

Lux puts my camera tripod down because he realises that it is an “expensive piece of equipment” whilst Freezy is blocking JJ out of my room with the prop door

JJ is currently pushing the didgeridoo through the hole in the door whilst Freezy was holding the door up

Freezy manages to grab hold of the didgeridoo, this is the point where Lux comes and helps him pull the didgeridoo off JJ, through the prop door

I’m recording all of this whilst I’m laughing

Freezy pokes the didgeridoo back through the door and it is instantly swiped out of his hand by JJ, who is on the other side of the door

“Fuck, we lost it” Freezy says before he walks away from the door with Lux in tow

Suddenly JJ pushes against the prop door and I catch it before it fall on me

“Oh my god!” I say in shock

JJ walks around my room to Callux, who had jumped on my bed 

Freezy had slid off the other side of my bed

“You can have him” Freezy tells JJ, meaning Lux who is laying on the bed trying to get off but Freezy is holding him down

JJ gets on top of him and starts dry humping him, if you will 

It isn’t long before JJ gets off Lux and Lux jumps off the bed whilst JJ walks away but Freezy hits him in the croch with the didgeridoo

“You got my dick, you got my balls!” JJ exclaims as he falls to the floor 

Freezy holds him down whilst Lux is practically trying to shove the didgeridoo up JJ’s arse

“That better not be the mouth end” I say 

Lux throws the didgeridoo down and then walks away and sits on my bed whilst Freezy walks out my room and JJ sits on my spare computer chair 

We are all talking when I exclaim

“Right guys, I wanna play a game, let’s go through the alphabet and you have to come up with names for babies, ok?”

“Can I just say something quickly, I’m on MiniMinter’s bed for all you fangirls, I’m here” Lux says as he spreads out on my bed 

I shake my head behind the camera

“I don’t like this subject, when we are meant to be talking about baby names” I say

“Ah, sorry” Lux says 

We start playing the game and we get to the 5th, well 4th if you aren’t counting JJ’s name of Wolverine

When Freezy walks in with a box in his hand

As he get closer, I recognise what it is so I change the subject straight away

“What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you since the frigging basket ball” I say knowing that I could edit some clips of the basketball into this vlog

Freezy carries on walking towards me and puts the box towards me

“So this, it’s red hair dye, it was literally downstairs, I think you should do it” He says as he puts the box towards me

“I’m not doing it” I mumble 

Last time, I had red hair dye apparently everyone said I looked like a lesbian

“Just fucking do it, it’s red hair dye” Freezy says with a shrug before JJ takes the box off him

“Is this from a fan?” JJ questions

“Yes” I say 

“You have to do it” He says 

“I’m not doing it” I repeat 

“Think about it this way Simon, you could be twinning with Y/N and you can both have dyed hair” Lux says with a shrug

I sigh, thinking about it

“Fine, I’ll do it!” I say as I grab the box off JJ, put my vlogging camera down and walk off into my bathroom 

I take all the contents out of the box before I read the instructions on the back of the box

After reading the instructions, I go and get a old t-shirt and jogging bottoms from my room, where the boys where all still sat 

“Dickheads” I mumble as I walk back into the bathroom

I change and then get to work on my hair 


I have put all the red hair dye in my hair and let’s just say, my hair is really red

I am now sat on the kitchen counter with my phone in my hand, waiting for my alarm to go off telling me that it is time to take the hair dye off

“Jesus christ!” I hear a voice exclaim

I look up to see JJ walking towards me with my vlogging camera in his hand

“I’m done” I tell him

“You look like a lesbian” he tells me as he moves the camera around my hair so he can get a clear view of it 

“Yep” I mumble as I carry on looking at my phone

JJ pauses for a moment like he is thinking about what he can say about my hair 

“Fucking hell that’s, that’s actually horrendous”JJ says before he laughs 

“Right, that’s it” I say as I get off the kitchen counter and walk into the living room and sit down on the sofa 

As I sit down, I carry on scrolling through my twitter

My phone suddenly dings with a text from Y/N

Y/N: Hey babe, I’m just wondering what your doing and I was wondering If you wanted to spend some time together? Let me know, I love you x

I smile as I read the text from Y/N

I send her a text back

Simon: I’m busy at the minute but we can defiantly spend some time together later, love you x

I felt bad that I could spend time with Y/N but I don’t want her to see me dying my hair 

I want it to be a surprise


My alarm starts ringing out from my phone 

Well I guess it is time to wash my hair dye out

It takes about 15 minutes for me to wash the hair dye out of my hair before I dry my hair and style it into it’s normal quiff

I look at my hair in the mirror and stand there with a blank look on my face

Wow, my hair is really red 

I sigh as I walk from the bathroom to Josh’s room and knock on the door

“COME IN!” he calls out from the other side of the door

I open the door to see Josh has spun around in his chair 

“Fucking hell mate, what have you done to your hair?” He questions with a smirk

I roll my eyes 

“I dyed it, anyway can you walk into my room with my vlogging camera and record what it looks like please?” I request

Josh stands up 

“Sure I can” He says with a smile before I hand my camera to him

He takes it in his hands and turns it on

I go back to my room and go and sit at my computer desk before turning my computers on

Once my middle monitor comes to life, I carry on typing on scrolling through my twitter like I was doing earlier on in the day before the boys told me to dye my hair

I saw some things that fans were tagging me in and I felt bad that I couldn’t like or retweet them but I want to keep my fans away them the hate and abuse that they get when I interact with them

Suddenly, I hear my bedroom door open

“Right let’s see the final product, let’s see this hair” I hear Josh say as he walks through my room

I slowly turn my chair around to face time 

“Oh god” Josh mumbles as he rubs his hand against his beard

“It’s shit isn’t it?” I question

“Oh god” Josh repeats not really knowing what to say now he can see it’s fun redness

“It’s really shit isn’t it?” I ask again

“I need to get in the light, yeah” Josh says as he moves the camera around my head so he can get a full view of my newly red hair

“Yeah” I say as I move my head around so he can see all my red hair

“You’re a red head lesbian again” Josh teases

I cover my face with my hand

“It’s been like what, a year and a half now since we had the lesbian in the house” Josh tells me

“It’s been so nice not having that” I groan as I keep my face covered

Why did I do this again?

“We have a lesbian in the house again!” Josh cheers

I roll my eyes as I uncover my eyes 

I grab the hair dye box and skim read what the fan, who sent this to me, wrote on the back

“But this person said they would buy me Nandos ok, if I did it” I tell Josh and the camera as I point at the box 

“It better be a fucking good Nandos, I’m just saying” I say 

I carry on reading the back of the box

“12 to 15 washes” I say with a sigh

“Lesbian for two weeks, that’s aright” Josh chuckles

“Well I don’t shower, that’s like-” I get interrupted by Josh

“You could go to a gay bar!” he exclaims with a smile on his face

“You could get loads of girls” Josh says putting a hand up in defence

I look at him with a slight glare before I think the joke over in my head as I pull a face like I was actually thinking about it

Josh starts talking but as soon as I pull a face like I’m “thinking about it” me and him both start laughing

He shuts my camera off and puts it down on my desk

“Do you really think it looks shit?” I ask 

Josh chuckles

“It doesn’t look too bad, let’s just see what your girlfriend thinks” Josh says with a shrug

As Josh leaves my room, I pick my phone up off my desk and I bring mine and Y/N’s texts up

I send her a quick text

Simon: Hey babe, are you busy? Do you want to come over? I have a surprise for you 

It isn’t long till I get a text back from Y/N

Y/N: Hey baby! No I’m not busy, I will be there in 10 minutes and I love surprises!

A smile appears on my face when I realise that Y/N is coming over

I love her so much, she means the world to me

I carry on scrolling through Twitter like I was doing previously before Josh walked in

10 minutes must go by so quickly because whilst I am scrolling through my twitter, there is a knock on the door telling me that the person I love most in the world was just outside my door

“Come in!” I call out, I don’t turn around because I don’t want her to see my hair and ruin the surprise

“Hey Si” I hear Y/N say as she shuts the door behind her and walks towards me

“Babe, wait there, I need you to cover your eyes” I instruct

“Ummm ok?” Y/N says unsure of what’s happening

“Are your eyes covered?” I ask to make sure they are before I turn around

“Yes they are” She informs me

I turn around very slowly to see Y/N stood in the middle of my room, with her hands over her eyes looking right a right idiot

I laugh slightly before I sneakily take a picture of her just stood there randomly

“Right ok, are you ready?” I ask

“Of course, I’m ready Simon” She says 

I run my hand through my quiff to make sure it is still styled

“Alright, 3, 2, 1, open your eyes” I say with a smile on my face

She uncovers her face and she looks at me

A sudden smile appears on her face

“So you’ve gone for the redhead lesbian look again?” Y/N asks with a laugh and a cheeky smile on her face

I roll my eyes and glare at her

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to upset you” she says as she walks towards me 

When she gets to me, I pull her onto my lap 

Y/N smiles and her arms instinctively runs through my hair

“You look good with red hair” Y/N mumbles softly 

“I look good?” I say with a raised eyebrow

“Sorry, I phrased that wrong, you look hot with red hair” she mumbles as she hovers her lips over mine before she finally puts her lips on mine

The kiss is soft and passionate 

We pull away from the kiss and she smiles at me

“I love you red head” Y/N says

“I love you too Blue Bell” I say softly before I give her a peck on the lips

All I need is my blue haired girlfriend 

When someone finds out you love one direction then asks how you’re dealing with “the break up” and you know they aren’t worth the whole tortured explanation and your belief system re: The Hiatus™ but you can’t figure out what to say other than “fuck off, becky”: