Harry's hair

This Day in 1D History - October 23



  • the Maths Song airs on Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night!



  • d’awww (so well deserved though, damn)
  • three years later and still real as ever
  • Zayn takes his wheels for a spin
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Sydney, Australia


  • OTRA US and European tour dates announced!!
  • new pics from SMG set released 
  • Harry goes back home to Holmes Chapel and visits his old school


  • green beanie looks
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Belfast, UK (rescheduled from Oct. 20)

An older and greyer Draco looks the family pet pug squarely in the eye: “Happy birthday Midnight Potter Malfoy. You were middle-named after my favourite word to say since first year and the best eye-fucker who ever roamed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WIzardry. But your middle name is best kept between us.”

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Harry and Liam's Excellent Adventure

TIME TRAVEL!! imagine how shocking it would be for harry and liam, fresh-faced and only 17 and 18, to be dropped into the present day, where the modern versions of themselves are taking their first tentative steps into being solo artists. their whole selves were shaped by being in the band, but these are versions of themselves standing on either sides of the gulf, and wondering about everything that’d happened in between. imagine them looking at these baby-faced kids that they were and being far enough removed to recognize all the ways they’ve changed each other. meanwhile, floppy-haired harry can’t figure out why louis won’t engage with him, and freshly buzzed liam keeps asking where’s zayn, if niall’s all over the radio and louis’s a daddy. tags: time travel, light angst, bildungsroman. rated: T

alternatively, a fic where liam and harry take offense at the latest interviewer’s insinuation that they aren’t knowledgeable enough about world affairs, so harry rings up stephen hawking for special use of his time machine. together, they discover that socrates not only marks a watershed in ancient greek philosophy, but also throws a sick party. rated: M


Here we have Harry giving us a tutorial on how t put your hair in a bun in about 3 seconds

at this point i feel certain Harry is wearing hats and covering his short hair not because he enjoys our suffering but because he in fact is suffering and is feeling bashful and still settling into his new look. And the idea of Harry Styles at any point feeling less than 100% confident in his appearance is 100% bonkers to me and still so endearing.

like Harry, my guy, you could have Chris Kirkpatrick skunk braids and the United Nations would still unanimously vote to throw a festival in honor of your beauty each year at the Summer Equinox like Harry my guy my dude my prince my petal your beauty is the sum of the whole and the sum in infinite so you’re good my man.