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Chapter 27: The King’s Return [ AO3 ] | [ ]

She smiled a wistful smile, of heartache and loss; of futures and pasts.

“Tell me about the night girl,” Draco pleaded with her, taking her face in his palms and holding it, fragilely, between his fingers. “Tell me about her.”

She leaned into his touch, her eyes closing momentarily. “For what force was night, and what blessing was day,” she whispered, “and what does it matter, when girl and boy are joined? For day or night may pass,” she mused softly, gently threading her fingers through his, “and both may come to dust; but this -”

She stopped, leaning forward, and brushed her lips against his. “But this, she knew,” she murmured, “would triumph.”

Places Between Folds | Draco Malfoy [Part 4]

Character: Draco Malfoy

Word count: 1,111

Warnings: None

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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“How could you keep it from me (Y/N), we are best friends, I thought we were best friends” “Harry said looking serious.”Harry, we are best-” he kept going completely ignoring what I was telling him “I can´t believe you keep it from me, oh and we haven’t got to the crucial subject. Out of all the guys, you could’ve chosen to date you picked Malfoy.” He let it all out with a desperate whisper clearly mad and hurt. “This,” I said pointing at himself trying so hard not to tear up “Is exactly why I didn’t tell you, you are going crazy about it and it isn’t helping. I know we-I hid it from you, from everyone, because he is Malfoy. I know what people would’ve said if we acted like a normal couple, especially you. I stood up and went back to my room avoiding any further arguing. 

I couldn’t sleep so when the light started to creep into the room I got up and tried to make myself look less like shit and more like a human. Quietly I left the room with my bad and books and went outside to the take a walk. I saw Hagrid on his garden taking care of his pumpkins. “Good morning Hagrid” I greeted him giving him a smile. “the pumpkins are looking good.” 

“Ohh, Good mornin’ (Y/N)” He smiled at me “I be’ they’re, ma babies are growin’ pretty big. Soon they’ll be the size o’ Fangs,” he said pleased with himself as he kept watering the pumpkins. ” wai’ a minu’, wha’ are yeh doin’ here this ear’y” he looked down at me. “I woke up like wanting to take a walk you know, before breakfast.” I lied. Well,  in tha’ case enjoy the fresh air before yeh go ter breakfas’” After our little chat I made my way to the Great Hall almost at the door I hear my name being called.

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New Cursed Child Era fics:

Beauty in the Legacy by niffizzle - T, WIP - Hermione Granger has just been appointed Minister of Magic and Draco Malfoy seizes the opportunity to placate rumors that Scorpius is the son of Voldemort. Instead of issuing a statement, though, Hermione decides to foster a friendship between Rose and Scorpius, leading her to have to spend more time with Draco, who she is surprised to learn has changed considerably in the years since the war.Begins in Summer 2017, right before the second generation starts at Hogwarts.

i won't say i'm in love || hermione granger



You walked towards potions class next to your best friend, Draco Malfoy, who was busy ranting about Harry Potter and his friends. What else would he talk about? He’s basically obsessed with the boy. You were surprised that he hasn’t started stalking the golden trio yet.

You snapped out of thought when you bumped into someone, knocking you and all your books down. You propped yourself up on your elbows, looking up to see who bumped into you. Your view was covered by Draco, who was seemingly insulting them, before reaching out to help you up.

“Now get lost you filthy mudblood.”

Mudblood? Only one person was called mudblood and that was Hermione Granger. You whipped your head back to apologize before Draco dragged you away. You shot her a small smile, but instead, you recieved a scoff and a glare. You turned your head back to Draco, who was muttering about how she shouldn’t even be in this school.

“I appreciate you looking out for me Draco but you shouldn’t call Hermione a mudblood. She is a person after all..”

Draco ignored you as you turned around the corner to enter potions class. You were about to step in when you remembered that you forgot to bring your notes.

“Merlin! I forgot to bring my notes! Do you think i can make it in time before Snape arrives?”

Draco shot you a glare before laughing. Snape always arrives on time, and judging by his laugh, he didn’t think you could make it back in time.

“What’s so funny? You think i can’t make it back in time? Challenge accepted Malfoy.”

You dashed around the corner, avoiding crashing into students as you did so. You quickened your pace as you watched more students enter the classes as the hallway deserted.

Alright, one more turn and you’re there [Y/N].

You turned with a grin. You were so going to win this bet. You froze when you saw her. Hermione was standing in front of the door, staring into nothing. You walked slowly, not sure of what to say. Seems to you that Draco really pissed her off during your exchange earlier.

You went past her, deciding to stick to the plan. Get your notes and return to class before Snape arrives. You snatched your notes from your dorm, before quietly leaving the hallway. Thats when you heard her sniffling. Was she crying? Why was she crying?

“Uhh hey? Why are you crying?”

Her head snapped up, surprised that you heard her. You could see a blush forming and you couldn’t help but find it cute. You knew that she was in your potions class, aka where you should be right now.

“Hey.. We have potions together right? Well thats actually right now, so why don’t we talk about it while we walk there yeah?”

Her eyes searched for any clue of why you were acting so nice to her, but instead, all she found was honesty and kindness in those big [Y/E/C] eyes of yours. She nodded as she started walking next to you, not saying a word.

You grinned as you walked next to her. You couldn’t help but feel curious about the strange girl next to you. You barely spoke to her, she always escaped before you could. You never see her in any other classes either. This girl was a complete mystery besides the fact that she’s friends with Harry Potter.

“So, what’s your story?”
“You do know thats such a cliche thing to ask right? It happens in every book.”

You glanced down, hurt that she responded so harshly. If she noticed that you were hurt, she didn’t mention it. The rest of the walk was quiet and awkward. Neither of you said a word and she seemed tense about something. You just didn’t know what. You decided to mind your own business and just return back to your class, which you are now 15 minutes late to.

“Well here we are.. it was nice to uhh.. get to know you.. sorta… Well, i’ll see you later Hermione.”

You knocked on the door before walking in, apologizing profusely to Professor Snape. You, being one of the few students that he tolerated, were excused and allowed to sit down. You glanced at Hermione, who, to your surprise, was staring back at you.

You blushed, before turning your head back to the Professor’s lecture. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you were hit by a crumpled up paper that could only be sent by Draco Malfoy himself.

You shot him a glare, before opening up the note to see what was so important that he needed to chuck a ball of paper at your head. As soon as you opened the note, you recognized his messy writing that filled the center of the page.

Looks like I won the bet [Y/L/N]. What took you so long anyways? You came in the same time that mudblood did. Don’t tell me you were actually talking with her did you?

You quickly took out your feather and wrote a reply before letting the ink dry and crumpling the note back into a ball. You checked to see if Professor Snape was looking, before chucking the ball at Draco’s forhead.

You could hear his grumbling and the sound of the crumpled ball being open, and the faint sound of him muttering under his breath. You turned back around to see his glare as he pointed at your drawing of him. You laughed lightly, before turning your attention back to the lecture. You hadn’t been listening at all, and now you could see Snape’s glare at you and Draco.

While you were busy making fun of Draco, little did you know that Hermione was staring at you, softly smiling at your shenanigans. She took every detail in, the way your lips curved upwards into a smirk whenever Draco glared, the way your eyebrows would crinkle when you were confused, the way your dimples would show when you were truly happy.

Thats when it hit her square in the face.

She was falling in love with [Y/N] [Y/L/N].

And she was falling hard.

Um, like, NOTHING in this world is taken more seriously than my Hogwarts house. NOTHING.👏🙅👏

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Finished with the trio

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hp quotes // #i love this little moment between these two #harry felt utterly lost, overwhelmed, angry and confused but hermione was such a solid support for him throughout the entire hunt for the horcruxes #her love and loyalty towards her friends is so touching #and this tiny gesture just warms my heart becAUSE I LOVE THIS FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH IT’S SO PURE AND GOOD  ಥ‿ಥ