Harry and Emma

Daniel Radcliffe - is what made me who I am. I owe everything to Harry Potter. No matter what I do the rest of my life or my career, I will always owe Harry Potter, was where it all began. I’ll miss playing him. Most players never get the chance to make an action hero and it’s so fun! There are some things I did in Potter I’ll never be able to do. But I must say that I miss even the ten years I spent on the set with these wonderful people. I spent my teenage years there, made friends. I grew up with Harry Potter.”


emmerdale | shout {ssw}

Hermione Granger. Granger danger- and Crookshanks of course. Potter week prompts for “favourite character”. Honestly I think Luna or the twins are my favourite characters, but Hermione is up there. I’ve just already drawn Luna and didn’t have time to draw the twins, so here’s granger instead!