The reason why the McDonalds scene was cut from One Direction Carpool Karaoke
  • James:"Alright boys what do you want to eat?"
  • Niall:"Can I get some fries."
  • Liam:"Uhm, I think I'll just have a Big Mac."
  • Harry:"Just a sprite please."
  • James:"And you Louis?"
  • Louis:"I'll have an order of Harry's ass."
  • James:.....
  • Niall:.....
  • Liam:.....
  • Harry:;) "Your order is ready."
Boredom (Request)

could you write one where harry and y/n go to the movies together and maybe it’s something he doesn’t really wanna see or he wanted to do something else so he starts to like tease and touch her during the movie because he’s bored or lost interest

I’m alive!!


“Do we have to go to this, (Y/N)?” Harry asked, whining a bit. “This movie doesn’t sound interesting at all.”

You were currently sat in bed, leaning against the headboard while Harry’s head was on your stomach. He had an arm slung around your waist and was nuzzling his face into your side. The plan for the day was to meet up with some mutual friends and see a film together. Normally, Harry wouldn’t have an issue with this idea but he had just returned from being away and hadn’t really been able to spend time with you yet. He hadn’t been away for an extremely long time, but he had still been gone and he had still missed you.

“Harry, it’ll only be for a couple of hours,” you replied, running a hand through his hair. “Then we’ll come back and have the rest of the day to ourselves, I promise.”

“We won’t though!” he protested. “They’re gonna want to do dinner afterward and then dessert and then we’ll be talkin’ in the restaurant until late and by the time we get home all you’ll want to do is go to sleep. Won’t get to spend any time with you at all.”

“Then we’ll spend tomorrow together,” you said.

“S’not what I want though, love,” Harry murmured, slowly edging the hem of your shirt up so your tummy was exposed. He started placing tiny kisses to your skin and the sensation caused goosebumps to pop up all over your body. “I wanna spend time with you now; missed you while I was gone.”

“I know you did,” you sighed, closing your eyes and leaning your head back as he continued to love on you. “I missed you too, but you’re home for a while now; we’ll have lots of time. Just come to the movie tonight, hmm? For me?”

You started scratching lightly at his scalp which you knew was his undoing. He paused his lips on your stomach and let out a rather unattractive moan which caused you to giggle.

“Fine,” he said, crawling up so he was level with your lips. “But s’only because I love you so much, yeah?”

You giggled again as he pressed his lips to yours.

“I love you, too. You’ll have fun, I promise.”


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