1d as things my roommate has said to me pt 2:
  • Harry:Can I wear floral with stripes? Oh well, I'm gonna do it anyway. As the kids would say, "Yolo"
  • Liam:How many times can I email our CA about the same thing before it starts to get weird?
  • Louis:I'm convinced there's a conspiracy with something on campus. I don't know what or how yet, but there is. I can feel it in my toes.
  • Niall:Can we have bagel bites for dinner? I'm feeling bagelicious tonight.

Unpopular opinions:

- pizza isn’t the best food out there
- beyonce isn’t the best singer out there
- there are better youtubers than tyler oakley that deserve their own show on ellen
- starbucks is….not that good tbfh
- amy schumer isn’t THAT funny
- gigi hadid and kendall jenner aren’t supermodels since they didn’t really have to….try? because their families are wealthy but i still like them tbh
- meghan trainor released huge bops fight me
- america is not…gr8
- the dolan twins and nate garner have too much of a jaw…i mean hot…not shaming but i also don’t get the hype™
- peanut butter is kinda gross lol
- pepsi tastes better than coke fight me lmao
- little mix and fifth harmony are equally good and everyone that compares successful girl bands can go choke on a cactus
- hozier is underrated and lana del rey is overrated lol
- harry styles wasn’t the best n the hottest in 1d

For your consideration...

Kissing Harry in the mornings. His lips all puffy from sleep and he kind of whines whenever he feels you because it’s still early and he’s still tired, but he lets you do it anyway.

When you go to pull away though, he grabs your arm and lets out a, “Heyyyy, you were kissin’ me; come back.”

“Thought I was bugging you?”

“Your kisses never bug me, love. Now get back over here; m’lips are cold.”

Harry Styles proves the heartthrob is dead: long live the artthrob
These days, remaining relevant as a male pop star involves something more imaginative than singing a disposable tune while flaunting your abs
By Anne T Donahue

This week, Another Man magazine unveiled three separate covers for their upcoming issue, scheduled to drop on 29 September. The kicker? Each cover features Harry Styles in a different hairstyle, channeling everyone from Mick Jagger in the mid-1960s to Harry himself in 2015. In each, his eye contact is steady, the pieces worn are high fashion (those chokers!), and he’s clearly revelling in a context that couldn’t be further from his One Direction past.

Styles is not just a teen dream any more. And for that we should all be thankful, particularly if we want him to succeed as a solo star or as a grown-ass man. While the end of last year was defined by 1D’s last gasp (soundtracked by songs abouthotel room romps or strolls down memory lane), the band quickly slid into irrelevance as they reined in their availability.

I mean, sure, Liam Payne gave into the industry’s zest for thirst trap photos and Louis Tomlinson showcased his new relationship with Danielle Campbell, but without new music, their efforts seemed empty. That made sense. Because as solo stars like Drake, Shawn Mendes, and even Zayn began using a combination of their emotional vulnerability with an OTT work ethic as a form of pop culture currency, it wasn’t enough to merely be seen or to show off. To win hearts in 2016, you now have to offer artistic value. And you have to hustle.

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