Decorative Harry Potter Tea Set || Petite || Hand Painted

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I spent a really long time on this, and it means a lot to me, but due to the detail I probably will not make more than this, with the possibility of special commissions. 


Harry Potter characters as imagined by Makani.



In what many consider a shocking move, Malfoy Corp. has unveiled Accio, a web browser for wizards. The conglomerate revealed at last night’s press conference that CEO Draco Malfoy personally hired a small set of muggle-born software engineers for the project, including Mara Finch-Fletchley, a prominent member of the Muggle-Born Coalition for Justice.

‘We are very proud of Accio,’ said Malfoy in his opening speech. 'It is certainly time for the wizarding world to move forward in terms of technology, and bringing muggle tech and magic together opens up very exciting possibilities.’

Exciting and lucrative, it seems, for in the few hours following the launch, the company’s stocks have gone up by 17.5 percent. 

The web browser, which provides unprecedented instant access to magical knowledge, also comes with the major wizarding web applications built into its interface: Marketplace, the all-purpose wizarding store; Orpheus, the wizarding music hub; Floo-net, the global map of existing floo networks; The Daily Prophet, the online newspaper; and Mugglemail, the electronic mail system. 

'For the first time, wizards everywhere can do all these things on the go, using just one device. That’s the philosophy behind the name – instant access. These devices might have been invented by muggles, but they are clearly the product of something approaching magic, and can only be improved by wizarding engineering.’

(Draco Malfoy, 8 Jan 2015)

It is unknown what his father thinks about this. 

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Familia Weasley-Granger ♡

Art by: rlkarnes