Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Favorite actor series | Ralph Fiennes: [On working with Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel] “The best experiences I’ve had as an actor have always been being part of a company or an ensemble. The worst experiences, or the least satisfying, I should say, have been when the actors were in their trailers and no one talks to each other,” “Ahead of this, I was worried, I didn’t know what it would be like but, actually, I loved it. And I could see why actors came back, because Wes creates this sort of family atmosphere.” - Ralph Fiennes 

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Why was all of the boys' hair so long in the Goblet of Fire movie? Was there a point or was there hair stylist budget cuts on set? Was it supposed to make them look younger? You would think that at least Harry would cut it shorter because all of the extra hair would make the tasks a little bit harder. Was that the trend in the wizarding world that year? "All the hottest wizards are growing out their luscious locks"? Did the girls think it was ridiculous too? I need answers.

                                          Come seek us where our voices sound,
                                               We cannot sing above the ground.
                                                 An hour long you’ll have to look
                                                      To recover what we took.