• dumbledore:so minerva, have you been taking a look at that muggle family like i asked? what's your opinion of them?
  • mcgonagall:oh albus, they're terrible! i can tell they won't treat poor young harry well at all. can't we find someone else?
  • dumbledore:i mean sure
  • dumbledore:however
  • dumbledore:i wanna go get mcdonalds now
  • dumbledore:so we're dumping the baby with these arseholes

Just Friends: Part 1

(( OOC: Inspired by We Were Infinite @wolfstar-puppylove 

Lily Evans played by: @potterdeer ))

Lily: *makes her way up the stairs to the girls dorm, throwing back a mildly amused look as she closes the door* 

James: *distracted* Yeah?

James: … What?

James: But… *shrugs uncomfortably* 

James: A lot… like A LOT, a lot. 

Sirius: You’ve never really dated… anyone.  

Sirius: … You’re wasting your chance to see anyone else. *shrugs* There are a lot of pretty birds here.

Sirius: *sighs* C’mon Prongs…

James: *spots Emmeline Vance walking by* 

Emmeline: *smiles as she passes James*  

Sirius: James? 

To Be Continued