The Blood of the Dragon. 
The phrase “blood of the dragon” refers to the Valyrian descent of the Targaryens, and more specifically to the fact that they were one of the forty dragonlord families of Valyria. Typical Targaryen features remain strongly of the typical Valyrian features: pale skin, silver, platinum, or gold hair and eyes in a variety of shades of purple, violet, or light blue.


His fingers dug into her arm painfully and for an instant Dany felt like a child again, quailing in the face of his rage. She reached out with her other hand and grabbed the first thing she touched, the belt she’d hoped to give him, a heavy chain of ornate bronze medallions. She swung it with all her strength. It caught him full in the face. Viserys let go of her. Blood ran down his cheek where the edge of one of the medallions had sliced it open.

Game of thrones is not that bad. These two are my favs


“The crimson bird took in the sight of his blackened, frostbitten body and cried. He heard its musical lament and saw the sorrow in the depth of its obsidian eyes for the loss of its master, a loss that it would carry for the rest of its immortal life, and for the first time the Dark Lord understood empathy. He would grant it mercy. 

They say it is a great sin, to slay a unicorn. They say it is an atrocity, to kill something so pure, so innocent… That to drink its blood will save you from the brink of death, but that the moment the liquid touches your lips, you will live a half-life…a cursed life…They say nothing of what it means to kill a phoenix.

To take the life of the eternal. No one has ever accomplished such an impossible feat, would even think to try. But the ability of Lord Voldemort knows no bounds, bows to no laws, conforms to no boundaries… He drank its tears and drained it of its blood. He consumed its heart. …Such power. Such ancient, pure magic. It ignited in him. It was the healing fire. It brought his frozen limbs back to life in a burning, scorching pyre.”  Hauntingly

Viserys Targaryen Appreciation

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 I don’t think we value the importance of this Viserys Targaryen's character in the show and we never really talk about him. He was a man who had lived all his life in exile with his baby sister in a strange land with no wealth and way to get home so he had to beg and do anything in order to keep him and Daenerys alive.

 Viserys had, in a way, lost a lot more than Daenerys had as he was only one of the two that had actually experienced the Targaryen rule in Westeros, surrounded by wealth and family but that was taken from him at such a young age, his mother dies and he is responsible for not only looking after himself in a strange land where the Targaryen name could get him killed but also in charge of looking after his baby sister. 

  It is no wonder that Viserys is depicted as this mad, delusional character but I believe that it is not just the typical Targaryen Madness that the house in known for but rather the nature of his upbringing had developed his character. Throughout his years in exile he grows up with this nostalgic view of Westeros which he passes onto Daenerys and it seems unhealthy in its own way to be looking back on these memories from a child’s perspective who loved his father and possibly didn’t realise the truth of his father’s personality but of a son looking up to his father and developing this idea that if he returns home as king the life he had before will return and he will be happy.

 When thinking back on it, Viserys didn’t have to look after Daenerys and it probably would have been easier for him to survive and live in Essos if he didn’t have to look after his sister but he did it anyway and sold his mothers’ crown in desperation only to be ridiculed for it.

 When watching the show I could see obvious parallels between Daenerys and Viserys and the idea that if Daenerys did not have her dragons and her friends she would have became like Viserys. For example in Season 2 of the show when Daenerys comes to Qarth she is only gains power and access through her dragons and she knows this, during the meeting of her and the Master of Spices she reacts in a way that is similar to Viserys. She depends on her dragons at the start to get her where she is but Viserys never had that and he did not truly have any supporters to get him where he was.

 I just want to take a minute to appreciate George R.R Martin’s amazing work throughout and how subtle and amazing all his characters are and also to praise the show and Harry Lloyd’s portrayal of the character even if he was not in the show for long.


“Viserys was cruel and weak and frightened, yet he was my brother still. His dragon will do what he could not.”


Howl’s Moving Castle as live action movie

In the land of Ingary, where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of three. Everyone knows you are the one who will fail first, and worst, if the three of you set out to seek your fortunes.
Sophie Hatter was the eldest of three sisters.

Harry Lloyd as Wizard Howl  //   Maggie Smith as Sophie Hatter