McFly enjoying audience love while introducing Lonely at McFly Anthology Tour - Manchester Academy 13.09.16

Bonus – (off camera)

Dougie: Contrary to popular beliefs, this next song is not ‘Obviously.’
Harry: This is the song that Dougie wrote about the time I left him. It’s called ‘Lonely.’


happy 14th anniversary, mcfly!! (august 5th, 2003)

“For us, it feels like McFly is forever. It is the constant. We have all of these other projects but McFly is the one thing that we will never go away – in a good way! It’s always there for us and it’s always where our hearts lay. It’s nice now there’s no pressure for us to write an album every year; we can do it when it feels right for us. Because of McBusted it had been a long time since we did anything just the four of us and I think that people kind of get it now that we’ll always be around.” — Tom Fletcher


esses caras são tão fodas!!!!

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Harry Judd: "McFly will return in 2018!"

Harry Judd tells Michael Ball (on BBC Radio 2) that McFly will return with a new album in 2018 and that he really missed touring with the band in 2017. [x]

Michael Ball: Will the boys be back together soon?
Harry Judd: Yeah. That’s the plan. That’s the plan for this year, 2018. It’s been the first year, actually, that we haven’t toured. 2017 is the first year that we haven’t put a show since we started and it makes me feel quite sad! It does!

Michael Ball: But you’ve been doing something. You’ve just done a show..
Harry Judd: That’s right. I’ve been working with Tom actually. We’ve been doing The Christmasaurus Live which is a show that Tom’s put on, a stage adaptation of his book The Christmasaurus. It has an amazing soundtrack. He wants to develop it into a movie one day. As you know that’s not something that happens over night so he’s taken it to the stage. We did 11 shows at the Hammersmith Apollo. I absolutely loved it. I was dancing again. We were with his sister Carrie, you know, from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Michael Ball: (Laughs) She was my daughter in Chitty!
Harry Judd: Exactly! And his wife, Giovanna, who’s a brilliant singer and actress. And Matt Willis from Busted. It’s just a magical show. Tom is clever. Honestly these songs he wrote are just beautiful. I just enjoyed it so much. I feel so happy and it’s always a privilege working with him

Michael Ball: But are you back together this year? I do, I do love the band!
Harry Judd: Absolutely!