Harry Hamlin

anonymous asked:

why do you think Mickey turned up at Ian and Ned's date that one time, (obviously he was jealous) but like what do you think was his plan,

We’re pretty sure a plan was the furthest thing from Mickey’s mind in the moments leading up to him showing up to watch Ian on his “date”. For one thing he made it known to Ned he was there. If he had thought about what that action would look like to anyone else we doubt he would have gone at all. But he didn’t think about it, he just acted. 

The moment Mickey showed himself to Ian and Ned he was declaring Ian meant something to him. He was reacting purely on instinct. Before Ian all of Mickey’s instincts were tuned to self-preservation, but once Ian entered in the picture that all began to change.

As far as Mickey being jealous, we agree he was most certainly jealous, but we can’t help but wonder if his jealousy wasn’t more because Ned was able to be “out” with Ian and at that time Mickey was not.