Harry Belafonte

Happy 88th Birthday Harry Belafonte​! I said it last year on your birthday and I’ll say it again -Thank you Mr. Belafonte for more than 50 years of art and activism behind the scenes in Hollywood and on the frontlines of the civil rights movement. Thank you for speaking up early and often and for still speaking up and enlightening us today.

In this photo, Mr. Belafonte is on the set of ‘The Strollin’ Twenties,’ a 1965 television special he produced, with a script by Langston Hughes. The show, a celebration of the Harlem Renaissance, featured Duke Ellington, Diahann Carroll and other luminaries and aired on February 21, 1966. Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images.


Harry Belafonte receives the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2014 Governors Awards

this speech is so insightful and smart about race and rightfully critical of hollywood.