Harry plaid is one of my fave looks ;_;

hampsteadharry  asked:

You gotta do top 5 Harry outfits too! I'm curious 👀

Jenni, Jenni… I’m in trouble now. As I am a Niall girl I haven’t really ‘embraced’ the usual craziness that is Harry’s style. So to Harry girls this list of mine will probably be fucking boring lol. These outfits I do LOVE though, as when Harry does get it right (for my tastes), he looks fucking amazing!!!

(And in case you are interested, here’s my top 5 Niall outfits.)

5. Ok I can’t see his shoes, but I assume they are the tan boots.. looks like it. BUT I LOVE THIS. That coat, beanie, titties out, but in a NORMAL shirt.. lol.

4. CAN I JUST CRY?? He kinda looks like a homeless person in this outfit, but it is such a fave of mine – MEGA MEGA LOVE!

3.5 Harry in blue jeans is so special to me (just like Niall too)! He needs to wear them more! And I LOVE the coat with a plaid shirt and a basic tee. AAAA I LOVE HIM!

3. Ok I cheated again, because the coat is the same and in this one he also has a plaid shirt and a tee, BUT what he doesn’t have is a head scarf – and I prefer this ;). Also these boots are a nice change. And I remember basically screaming when I saw this pic the first time. UGH.

2. ARIAs Harry is my fave Harry. His whole look there was SO SO SO GOOD and I just want to stare at that face forever! But as the hair and face looked so good, I have kind of ignored the outfit a bit… It deserves my attention though, this all black ensemble is stunning on him! FUCK HE LOOKS GOOD! bye

1. THISSSSS DAMN THING RIGHT HERE! I don’t know if it would be as good without the bun, but as the bun is FUCKING PERFECT it makes this whole look perfect and I GIVE UP NOW. Leave me alone Harold.

Bonus: This snuggly look. I just want to hug his cosy ass.

(None of the edits are mine, so let me know if they’re yours and I’m very happy to credit you.)