Jeff Azoff, Harry, CAA, & Modest

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the (non) announcement that Harry has left Modest and signed with Jeff Azoff as his manager. And James Corden’s awkward statement to Ryan Seacrest seemed to confirm it. Except that it doesn’t, since, as much as we love James, he is not their official spokesman. So I went back to the source to see what Modest actually said.

The quote from a Modest statement (not a conversation) to Hits Daily Double was this:

“We wish Harry the very best. It has been a real pleasure working with him,” reads a statement from Modest! Management principals Richard Griffiths and Harry Magee, “Harry is a total gentleman, and we know our good friend Jeffrey Azoff will look after him. We look forward to sharing some great wine with them next time we are in L.A.”

The article goes on to say:

Some insiders say Jeffrey Azoff may stay at CAA, where’s he’s become a key part of their youth movement, while also repping his first management client in conjunction with dad Irving.

All Modest said was that they know Jeff will “look after him”. They DO NOT MENTION any other member of the band. Only The Sun did, and that was from one of Dan Wattpad’s untrustworthy “sources.” 

And then HDD speculates that Jeff will stay with CAA and manage “his first management client” in conjunction with Irving (as a side job I guess). Notice that HDD didn’t say manage “Styles”, they were vague in their wording because the rumors that they are referencing are contradictory - some say Harry alone, some say 1D as a group.

Modest was intentionally leading people into thinking that Harry had split not only from them, but from the band - but they did not say that. So until we hear from Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall, I suggest we continue our five year long distrust of Modest Management’s words.

You’ll Be My American Boy by headscarvesandtattoos


Ch. 1/?

“Actually, Louis, can you take Harry to Westminster tomorrow? I have to work all day. Sorry, Harry. I tried to take off but I couldn’t,” Niall apologizes.

Louis isn’t exactly the person Harry wants to spend his first real day in London with, but there’s no way he’s going to find his way around on his own already.

Niall and Harry both turn to Louis expectantly.

“Yeah and after that we can stop at Starbucks to get your non-fat, shit latte, and maybe if I’m feeling super generous I’ll even take a picture of you posing like you’re holding Big Ben in your hand!”

or the one where Harry’s an American studying abroad in London and Louis ends up showing Harry more than just London

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