Name: Harrison Powell
Flavor of Lawyer: Criminal Defense Attorney
Location: San Francisco

Famous Words: Here’s my final offer to you. You drop the case, make a public apology to my client. You save the taxpayers a lot of money. I’m offering you a gift, Charlie. You can keep the police from looking like chimpanzees with guns. Ok, I’ll see you all inside. Under oath this time!

Why He’s Awesome: When you write a book called Undefeated: The Harrison Powell Story, it’s going to be really awkward if the very next case you try, you lose. Maybe add an asterisk at the end of the title, and have it lead to the phrase “as of date of publication.” Or you could just throw “undefeated” into sarcastic quotation marks.

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August 1946 issue 

Jimmy Nichols, “Murder Masquerade"

C. William Harrison, “Pay Through the Nose!“

Talmage Powell, “Keep the Corpse in the Family”

Joel Reeve, “Slay Rube” (Little Doc)  

Eric A. Provost, “A Little on the Deadly Side"

Henry Norton, “You Only Die Once"

Parker Bonner, “Redheads Is Poison” (Hymie Beerman - Hymie-the-Hackie)

Dale Clark, “I’ll See You Dead"

Don James, “The House of Fear"

D.L. Champion, “Murder-Miser—Please!”

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2015 MRF Challenge - Chennai, Races 3 & 4, Fittipaldi Takes Title Ahead of Calderonand Troitckii

2015 MRF Challenge – Chennai, Races 3 & 4, Fittipaldi Takes Title Ahead of Calderonand Troitckii

External image

Pietro Fittipaldi Crowned 2015 MRF Challenge Champion Pietro Fittipaldi, grandson of 2 time F1 world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, was crowned 2015 MRF Challenge Champion after a commanding win in Race 3 at the MMRT in Chennai. Fittipaldi won from pole position ahead of Harrison Newey and Nikita Troitckii. Fittipaldi finished on 244 points while Colombian Tatiana Calderon finished second with 199…

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June 1945  issue

Day Keene, “Or Would You Rather Be a Corpse?“

Talmage Powell, “Need a Body Cry”

W.T. Ballard, “The Very Silent Partner"

Frances M. Deegan, “The Bait and the Trap"

John Corbett, “Johnny’s on the Spot”

C. William Harrison, “The Big Fix"

Ray Vicker, “When the Killer Called"

Francis K. Allan, “Walk in a Dead Man’s Shoes"

Andrew Holt, “Seven Big Brothers of Satan” (Jeffry Lunt)

Seattle Mystery Bookshop 

2016 MRF Challenge - Chennai, Qualifying

2016 MRF Challenge – Chennai, Qualifying

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Fittipaldi Pips Newey to Pole by 0.003 Seconds Championship leader Pietro Fittipaldi inched one step closer to the MRF Challenge 2015 title after qualifying in pole position for the finale at the MMRT in Chennai. Harrison Newey, who has been fast all day was on top of the timesheets but lost out to Fittipaldi by 0.003secs in the final few minutes. Indian driver Tarun Reddy qualified in 3rd place,…

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