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An observation on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Mrs. Foster did not give up her imaginary friend. That’s a thing established in the first episode. Frankie is also her granddaughter. So this means at some point a man fell in love with a young Mrs. Foster and had to ask her mother, father, and a giant talking rabbit for permission to marry her. 

- Phillipa Soo
- Alysha Deslorieux
- Carleigh Bettiol
- Emmy Raver-Lampman
- Lexi Lawson
- Elizabeth Judd
- Syndee Winters
- Arianna Asfar
- Candace Quarrels
- Aubin Wise
- Rachelle Ann Go
- Solea Pfeiffer
- Julia Harriman

the u l t i m a t e g a t h e r i n g o f E l i z a s



1st row, left to right:

OBC Jasmine Cephas Jones, Broadway Alysha Deslorieux, Chicago Samantha Marie Ware

2nd row, left to right:

Broadway standby Syndee Winters, Broadway u/s Elizabeth Judd, OBC u/s Sasha Hutchings

3rd row, left to right:

Broadway replacement u/s Morgan Marcell, Chicago u/s Aubin Wise, Chicago u/s Amber Ardolino

4th row, left to right:

US Tour Amber Iman, Chicago u/s Candace Quarrels, US Tour standby Julia K Harriman


Today I got to meet Katrina Law and she is absolutely just as sweet in person as she seems and takes time to genuinely talk to all her fans who come up to the table amd gives everybody a hug and I’m still a bit breathless from it all


My name is Angelica Schuyler

1st photo: (clockwise from top left)

OBC Renee Elise Goldsberry, Broadway u/s Elizabeth Judd, Chicago Karen Olivo, Broadway standby Syndee Winters, Broadway Mandy Gonzalez

2nd photo: (clockwise from top left)

OBC standby (now current Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds) Alysha Deslorieux, Chicago u/s Aubin Wise, US Tour standby Julia K Harriman, US Tour Emmy Raver-Lampman, Chicago u/s Candace Quarrels.