In recent years, more and more inspiring stories of transgender children have been featured in news stories, as prominent television characters and in film.  While many of their appearances have been met with controversy, all of them have made us sit up and take notice of just how special each of our children are.  Here we salute 12 news-makers that happen to be transgender children.”

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“We worked with celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch to develop concepts for wardrobe and then he and his team went shopping. We really wanted him to look elegant and timeless on the cover. We found a number of looks that would achieve that and presented them to Michael. He ultimately chose what he would be happy to wear, which turned out to be far more outfits than we had time to shoot.

Michael Jackson was the perfect fit for everything we put on him. He’s got the body that any woman or man would die for! At 49 years old, he had a slim dancer’s body … It was a lot of fun to work with someone who looks great in clothes, who knows how to move his body and who understands the camera. It was magic!”    Harriette Cole


Ben, Bea, Baths, what more could you want?

that sound you can hear is the sound of us dropping out of university to pursue the successful modelling careers we were so obviously born for

Update on the LIWAwards! (Literary-Inspired Webseries Awards)

We won 8 out of the 10 awards, and were nominated for nine of them.

  • Pearl Kennedy for best supporting actress (oh-isthatso)
  • NMTD for best costume/set design
  • EVERYONE for best ensemble cast
  • The Candle Wasters for the honorary award
  • NMTD for best book adaptation script
  • Jake McGregor for best actor in a leading role (awkward-manatea)
  • Harriett Maire for best actress in a leading role (harriettstella)
  • NMTD for best literary inspired webseries

Wow. This is incredible! Thank you so much! We can’t believe it, and honestly it’s just so cool to know that so many people enjoy watching NMTD. We worked really hard on the show and it’s lovely to be acknowledged for that.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in putting together the LIWAwards. It’s fantastic to be part of such a positive community of fans and creators.

We would also like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to the other amazing webseries’ (and creators) out there:

Yulin Kuang (yulinisworking) is a star. We cannot get enough of her work, and recommend her videos pretty much daily to our family and friends.

‘The Autobiography of Jane Eyre’ (kalama-tea) is a classic webseries adaptation. Tea, socks, great adaptational choices - what more could you want?

‘Classic Alice’ (classic-alice) has really interesting story-telling with the way it shows Alice’s life, and its adaptations of texts are never ones you would expect so there’s always an element of surprise.

‘Emma Approved’ (pemberleydigital) is fab. I think we can all agree that there was some real heart in this series. A marvelous retelling of Jane Austen’s novel.

‘From Mansfield, With Love’ (from-mansfield-with-love) - It’s really genius, the acting is lovely, and you feel so at home watching their videos.

‘Green Gables Fables’ (officialggf) is absolutely lovely. It’s a gorgeous retelling of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and it really does the original story justice. We are also rather fond of fairy lights.

In Earnest’ is a bubble of joy. They’ve taken a well-loved play and really done something wonderful with it. Not to mention their great use of transmedia and on point fashion sense.

‘The March Family Letters’ (themarchfamilyletters) has been doing really neat stuff with the March sisters. A female-led cast? We think you mean “watch this now”.

‘Much Ado About A Webseries’ (muchadowebseries), is a really interesting adaptation of MAAN and you should check it out.

‘The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy’ (newpeterwendy) has an aesthetic you really can’t look past. Everyone involved seems brilliant, and we’re keen beans for series two.

In the world of online content we’re all just lil’ fishies, and with these awards we got to see everyone come together. It’s amazing that everybody has spent so much time, often unpaid, to create these works of art. The literary inspired webseries genre is still a new thing, and most of the cast and crew are very young. You know what that means? That means everyone involved in creating a LIW(A) is gonna keep doing awesome things with their lives. We hope you never look back on this time with regret and you all feel amazingly proud of the work you have done. You’re all bloody brilliant.

Thank you again,
The Candle Wasters
Claris, Elsie, Minnie, and Sally