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Ok so I am new to the fandom, what is the point behind Louis calling Harry, Harold?

Ok let me try to explain this.

So Louis called him Harold lots and lots of times. Just to add a few examples


in the meantime Gemma made sure to let everyone know that Harry’s name wasn’t even Harold

but that didn’t stop Louis, so by now he’s still calling him Harold

and that my friend is why all of us lose their chill whenever Louis calls him Harold :)


Harold. Ok, now I can die in peace.


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Hii, we got quite a load of Larry related Twitter Trends this year already, and especially February. Do you think it's solely based on the fact that we had an increasy of Larry action those past few months or do you think it may have another reason? (I saw your tags on the Harold video and if you don't mind me asking, what is the pattern you're speculating about?)

I think they are very slowly introducing the idea of Harry and Louis interacting in private again. The photo of them at the photo was deliberate—they didn’t hide that both flew together, the photo of them at the airport in the same frame looked well done—and I’m saying that Louis addressing every member of the band so that he can address Harry too was also deliberate. Look at the huge reaction this got—worldwide twitter trends and all. Imagine the reaction if the interaction was bigger. Imagine a future where Harry and Louis interacting becomes more normalized so that people don’t freak out at such small stuff. You have to change what people perceive as ‘normal’. You have to change the temperature of the water that everybody is swimming in.