The Harmonia Macrocosmica of Andreas Cellarius

3.ORBIUM PLANETARUM TERRAM COMPLECTENTIUM SCENOGRAPHIA - Scenography of the planetary orbits encompassing the Earth.    

5.SCENOGRAPHIA SYSTEMATIS COPERNICANI - Scenography of the Copernican world system.   

10.CORPORUM COELESTIUM MAGNITUDINES - The sizes of the celestial bodies [in some copies the terrestrial sphere has the continents drawn in by hand].   

15. TYPUS ASPECTUUM, OPPOSITIONUM ET CONIUNCTIONUM ETZ IN PLANETIS - The (astrological) aspects, such as opposition, conjunction, etc., among the planets.    

16. THEORIA SOLIS PER ECCENTRICUM SINE EPICYCLO - Representation of the Sun in an eccentric orbit without epicycles.    

18. THEORIA LUNÆ, EIUS MOTUM PER ECCENTRICVM ET EPICYCLVM DEMONSTRANS - Representation of the Moon showing its motion in an eccentric orbit with epicycles.    

19. TYPUS SELENOGRAPHICUS LUNÆ PHASES ET ASPECTUS VARIOS ADUMBRANS [some copies from the 1660 edition have the nonsensical reading ‘… OS ADVARIUMBRANS’] - Selenographic diagram depicting the varying phases and appearances of the Moon by (means of) shading.

source: Theological Institute, University of Utrecht

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