Sail Into Night — Passenger (Self Released)

There’s something comfortingly familiar when the slightly stiff drum machine beat and echoed, mournful guitar lead open “Parade,” Passenger’s first song, evoking a particular kind of slow motion, nocturnal new wave that’s basically felt current for decades now. Maybe in a different historical moment the source of that wouldn’t feel like such a big deal, but it’s strangely reassuring to hear a Dubai-based Pakistani duo, recording in Texas, make such compelling music in this idiom, just another small reminder of the ways we can all connect and bond with each other. But Passenger isn’t satisfying because of or despite Nabil Qizilbash and Zara Mahmood’s origins — it’s just satisfying, period.  

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Dixie by Harmonium

This album is in the hearts of all french Québécois, it is a rich element of our culture and most of us cherish it very much. How about you open your heart for a couple of minutes and listen. Straight from 1975.