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You can completely ignore this but I saw your tags on David S. Pumpkins and I have A Lot of thoughts. I love David S. Pumpkins so much?? I can't explain it. It's the kind of love that just is. I really want to try to do a critical analysis on the positive reaction to him, like is it because the skit interrupts horror and the expected fear it entails-because when a person watches a scary movie or goes to a Haunted House they're making a conscious choice to participate in a manufactured narrative

of horror/suspense. The creation of David S. Pumpkins, who as harmless and fun(!) as he is, actually elicits some of the same tones recognized in classic horror seen in his oddity and the confusion he draws from the people in the elevator. Most of David Pumpkins illustrates the core of horror in his deviation of social norms-the people he dances for came to be scared. They expected to be scared but only within their own societal definition of what is scary The people even experience relief when they later encounter stereotypically scary images because it falls within their expectations. While the little girl and chainsaw were terrifying, their familiarity gives them a sense of safety that fails to include David S. Pumpkins because of his unpredictableness. The true terror the characters face is positioned at the end of the sketch, when David S. Pumpkins deviates from his own script and steps inside the elevator which can now be viewed as a metaphor for the dichotomy between oddity and and familiarity (look at the choice of an elevator as a vehicle for the story. Elevators can only travel in two directions, such as one between ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ There is no space for the grey area of David S. Pumpkin’s funky dance moves and his sureness of himself and will to not be defined). David S. Pumpkins is enjoyable because he subverts the horror genre and subsequently makes people question what actually terrifies them. Also, the music! His costume! He’s a nonlinear sequel to the CW dancing Pumpkin!! I’m sorry if this is A Lot, it’s five a.m and I have a lot to say about David S. Pumpkins. I laughed so hard the first time I saw the sketch I could not breathe. I startled my dog. 

@madameandeve this is everything I’ve ever wanted in life

“Now that the Cubs have soundly defeated the Cleveland baseball team in game 2 of the World Series, I need to recognize the pain and harm that is caused by the continued use of American Indian mascots in sports and media. Native Americans are human beings, not caricatures as depicted by the Cleveland baseball club or the Washington football team. Native people are diverse, dynamic, and resilient, continuing to thrive after generations of calculated efforts by the federal government and religious institutions to systematically eradicate our indigenous ancestors.

The use of mascots is a symptom of the racism and oppression that continue to persist in American culture. It is this same sickness that drives energy companies to desecrate sacred grounds with oil pipelines. It is the same disease that poisoned the people of Flint. It is this illness that allows innocent people of color to be murdered by police.

So if you are a Cleveland (or Washington) fan and you justify your face paint or “war whoops” as good harmless fun, you are gravely mistaken. You are in fact perpetuating racism that harms us all. Find the courage to stop. Change the mascots. Change your mind and see your fellow Americans as human beings. Become part of the healing.

Let’s go Cubs!“
Joe Reilly
Native American musician and activist

i swear some people on here will just hate literally anything they see is somewhat popular

“i hate flower crowns”

“i hate a harmless book ive never read”

“i hate this word”

“i hate when people use this emoticon”

“i hate when people have fun”

like holy shit go outside and pet a dog and smell a flower or something jfc

honestly i’m firmly of the opinion people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they’re having harmless fun but then ppl on here start making president andrew jackson kin moodboards and i’m like.. u guys are really testing me on this one huh


Paprika the Veggiemancer
Blessed by magic, she can grow sentient turnips that help her do chores and garden. She is hot-tempered and very protective.
Gordon is Paprika’s older brother. He was accidentally napiformed by Paprika, she wants to turn him back but can’t! So he is grumpy all the time.
Cale is also cursed, but by another witch, he is slowly being covered by blue mushrooms. One night Paprika catches him eating her turnips but she soon discovers he is harmless otherwise.

Just for fun! I was going to explore the idea more but I think I’ll put it aside for now, I learned a lot in the process though! Maybe I will dig it up again one day!

Thanks for all the support everyone! I’d love to turn this into a real project someday :)


“I’m tired of waiting”

Title: The Incident With The Helium Balloon
Author: whenthestarsburntout
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour, Romance, Fluff
Word Count: 826
Pairings or Characters: The Doctor (12th), Clara Oswald
Spoilers: None
Notes: This is harmless fun and written for a prompt on otpprompts on Tumblr! I love helium haha!
Summary: Who knew a helium balloon could have such an effect on a grouchy Time Lord and his companion!
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who. All belongs to the BBC!


“Clara I don’t sound like that.” cried the Doctor as he waved his hands; something he did when he wasn’t best pleased with something. Clara grinned, a medium sized pink balloon pinched between her fingers.

“Clara I don’t sound like that.” she imitated, trying her best not to laugh as she pulled off her best Scottish accent. Of course she wasn’t just imitating him in her normal voice.

No her voice was changed on the influence of helium that was in said pink balloon that was pinched between her fingers. The Doctor sent her a halfhearted glare, the corners of his lips twitching upwards completely betraying him as he moved around the console, pressing numerous buttons and pulling levers hoping that the sound of the engines and rotor would drown out the awful noise she was creating.

“You are hilarious.” he said refusing to look at his small travelling companion who was now giggling. It took everything he had not to smile, but it was awfully hard. She sounded terrible but he could hear that it was starting to wear off just a little now.

He glanced at the balloon, hoping he was being discreet by only moving his eyes but Clara was clever. After all she had worked with children. She could spot those shifty eye movements from a mile off.

He had to get the balloon off of her before she drove him mad, with her god awful imitations of him. How humiliating. He slowly turned on his heel, his fingers of his right hand trailing around the rim of the console as he strode around towards her, head bowed and lips quirked into a small smile.

Clara noticed the change in body language and of course the fact that he was moving towards her. She stepped backwards, now holding the balloon behind her back, a nervous smile on her face.

“Doctor what are you doing?”

“Walking? Wasn’t that obvious?”

Clara bit her lip to stop the nervous laugh that was clawing at her throat from coming out. She knew what he’d do if he got his hands on her helium filled pink balloon. The Doctor advanced slowly, his eyes never raising, always trained on the floor before him.

He was actually watching Clara’s feet to see where abouts she was moving to as he moved himself around the console. He had to get that damned balloon!

“You can’t have my balloon.” she said, her voice taking on a rather petulant tone. The Doctor raised his head to that, his eyebrows raising as he watched a heavy red blush appearing in her cheeks.

“I’m sorry? Since when was I travelling with a child?” he asked, stopping in his tracks a grin appearing on his face. Clara looked like a fish floundering on land, just flopping in the sand. Brilliant.

“Excuse me but I could ask you the same, hence the reason why this balloon is here in the first place Mr I’m-going-to-act-like-I’m-five!”

His grin never wavered as he closed the gap, Clara near the railings. He swallowed at the current position. He peered down at her, revelling in the fact she was flustered by the closeness. He’d never let on that he was in fact in the same dilemma.

“Give me the balloon.”

“No, not a chance.” she bit back, a grin of her own appearing, as she willed herself not to laugh. This is what she’d hoped would happen. That she could bring something out in her grouchy Time Lord. He’d been a terrible pain today and this was certainly what it felt like to win.

“Fine.” he huffed, stepping back. He watched silently, holding his breath as she relaxed just a little bit and-

“Ouch! Doctor what the hell?!” Clara cried with a laugh as the tall gangly Time Lord lunged at her, ripping the balloon from between her fingers, sealing the bottom as not to waste to much of the contents inside.

“Teach you not to take the bloody piss out of me won’t it?” The Doctor remarked with a smirk. Clara giggled crossing her arms over her chest as she watched him turn his back, obviously about to inhale some of the helium.

She’d got this. He’d never be able to successfully imitate her- damn…

“Please don’t,” she started swallowing down her giggles with great difficulty, reaching out her hands desperately, her cheeks hurting from grinning so much. “I’ll… I’ll never travel with you again!”

An empty threat. Of course she’d always come back and travel with him. He turned around. Oh that was a rather devious smile.

“I’m Clara and I’m full of empty threats!”

“Oh my god! Doctor I don’t sound like that!”

“You so do!”

“Piss off…” she grumbled, shoving him playfully before joining in the fun again. This is how she liked the Doctor; carefree and happy, with that cheeky smile and devious nature.

It was… a tiny bit sexy.

Do you wanna kill a Casey?


Do you wanna kill a Casey?

C'mon lets do it now…

The tools are in the shed,

there’s tin and lead

and axes on the floor…

He isn’t Janie worthy, 

but Maura is -

please someone show her that!

Do you wanna kill a Casey?

You know you wanna kill a Casey…


Go away, fandom!


Okay, bye…

Molestia Is Dead.

If this is the work of the fucking Social Justice Thought Police, then you are all anti-free speech, anti-humour, anti-fun, selfish, self-righteous and self-entitled behavioural prescriptivists.

Crushing the harmless fun of others to pander to your own hyperbolised sensitivity.

Nazi-esque megalomania regarding the artistic expression of others on the internet.

Total disregard for the fact that you’ve no right to have authorities respect your petty emotions over the opinions and free speech of other people.

The totalitarian censorship of satire can be quite rightly compared directly to the evil regime of Adolf Hitler himself. So, sieg heil! All hail the glorious FemiNazi Third Reich, and may their enlightened superiority guide us all to a far "freer" future!

The freshly-annexed Tumblr will be happy to embrace its new muzzle and straight-jacket as the offensive abomination formerly regarded as "humour" is marched off to the gas chambers for one final time.

I sincerely hope that you're all absolutely ecstatic with your dogmatic handiwork.

why do so many people on this website reblog anti-vegan posts like do u get off to defending animal abuse ???? is it just something u like to do in ur spare time like ‘yup just assuring me and all my followers that it’s alright to perpetrate animal suffering. gotta keep that cycle of abuse going. ‘

*punches a trash can*

there’s nothing wrong with self insert ocs

*crawls inside trash can*

self insert ocs hurt no one

*rolls around in filth*


*screams from inside trash can*




looking for some harmless friendship fun? in the mood to race and discover an entire new vocabulary of creative swears? try playing mariokart with close friends! not only will you learn that you’ve been harboring a library’s worth of interesting and unique names to call people, you’ll also learn that your beloved friends are really just assholes who would throw you under a blue shell at the last minute for a chance to win.

finn collins was a peacekeeper

finn collins took the fall for his 18 year old girlfriend so she wouldn’t get floated for harmless fun

finn collins made clarke griffin smile and feel like a teenager who hadn’t seen unimaginable things

finn collins was a good person before the world ripped him apart and couldn’t put him back together again

finn collins died for the protection of his people. he knew what he did deserved such a punishment. and he did not resist it.

finn collins didn’t deserve his fate, finn collins deserved a happy life, but happiness doesn’t come easy on the ground, and they knew that first hand.

finn collins died at the hand of the person he loved, he died knowing that yes she loved him too.

rest easy, finn, and know you’ll always be remembered. 

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