I still love that they used this outfit for Joker in the credits of the Lego Batman movie. (I really want to go as this again as well) but, I also keep debating making an outfit based on Lego Joker. Should I? All I’d really need is the purple vest/green tie.


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Having tea with Harley Quinn.

“Hello, Harley. How are you doing today?” You sat across from her, outside her prison cell. Harley grinned. 

“I’m doing great, how ‘bout you?” You shrugged as you handed her a cup of tea.

“It’s been okay. I couldn’t find the tea that you wanted, but I hope this is okay.” Harley tried out the tea then looked back at you.

“It’s prettty good, Y/N. Are ya going to sit here with me?” You glanced at your watch then replied that you had time to. 

“Would you like me to?” Harley looked down at her cup, shyly.

“If you don’t gotta go anywhere, sure. I like your company. The other guards are mean to me.” You grimaced, shaking your head.

“Sorry about that, Harley. I’ll try to get them to stop.” 

“Thank ya, Y/N.”

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours.

gif came from: google images ~ Suicide Squad

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