There aren’t very many people who can manage to look tough while dressed like a complete dork and holding an acoustic guitar. Harley Race is one of the few. Don’t try this at home…or anywhere else, for that matter!


This Day in WCW History: Ric Flair’s sudden departure from World Championship Wrestling leaves the promotion without a World Champion and US Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger without an opponent for a Steel Cage main event, until Barry Windham is named Flair’s replacement. Windham looked primed to upset his fellow former Horseman for his first World Title, but it’s Harley Race’s surprise visit to will on Luger to be more aggressive that turns the tables and allows the US Champion to hit a Piledriver to become just the second WCW World Heavyweight Champion at The Great American Bash 1991.

NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Harley Race
[November 1979]

Often regarded as a “wrestler’s wrestler”, Harley Race was a legitimate tough guy. When he found out his lungs may be in danger due to years of smoking, Race simply switched to lighter cigarettes. When Race slugged you in the head during a match, it was his way of saying “let’s give ‘em a brawl”. If you didn’t hit Race back, he’d slug you harder and a proposed brawl would turn into a beat down. Never one to be outdone, when Chati Yakuchi broke a brick in half with a karate chop during an interview, Harley grabbed one half of the brick and bashed it against his head until blood poured down his face. Some would say Harley was tough. Some would call him crazy. I think he was both!