Girl Power at its Finest!
Glad you guys are liking the pictures and information we are sharing. Tomorrow we will be posting the mini-review of the last two girls from the DC Super Hero Girls wave ONE! These dolls are set to hit shelves on February 28, so you better start saving if you want to make them part of your collections!

mortalorder asked:

Can we see Kid!Batman with adult rogues?


Batman: *nervous but still a bit feisty, tries to punch Joker in the balls*

Joker: … You’re a little pervert. *frowns and picks him up* Do you realize in how much trouble you’d find yourself if I decided to throw you in the streets? Crime Alley is filled with freaks and deviants of all kinds. You don’t want to meet them, kid. 

Harley: Let him be… *sighs and takes the child in her arms, wrapping him in his cape* … He is just a kid, not the vigilante we’re used to deal with… Shh, Shh…

Harvey: *looks at him curiously* … And he is an orphan.

This seems to bring back some bad memories and Batman starts crying, hysterical.


Jonathan: *quickly takes him in his arms and hugs him like a baby koala. Cradles him in his arms and sings softly* Mon bébé est comme l’eau, il est comme l’eau vive, il court le long du ruisseau, il court comme l’eau vive… Shhh… Shhh… It’s all a nightmare… Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and everything will be alright… Shhh..

Batman: *sniffles loudly* You sure?

Jonathan: *warm smile*Yes.

Batman: *grins and falls asleep in his arms*

Joker: O_O

Jervis: where did you learn to take care of children?

Jonathan: I learned to take care of myself. That’s all the training I needed.