Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn & Killer Croc

The Joker x Reader 7 In Vegas. Warning: some smut

You went to Vegas for some fun and woke up with… wedding rings. 

You are starting to wake up and you already know it’s going to be a hell of a hangover. Blurry thoughts play in the back on your mind while you struggle to gain consciousness.

Vegas, fun…get away for a few days, just the two of you…casino, drinks, lots of drinks…making out in the car…robbery…stealing expensive jewelry…running before the cops show up…more drinks…chapel…”I do!”, laughter, kisses…speeding back to the hotel in the purple Lamborghini…sex…more drinks…more sex…

The whirlpool of fragmented flashbacks is making you feel dizzy, even if you didn’t even open your eyes yet. You touch your face with the back of your left hand, attempting to give yourself a little nudge to reality.

“Auuch…” you cry in pain as something scratches your cheek.

You finally open your eyes to see what it is and…

“Oh my God!” you suddenly wince, covering your mouth with the other hand. You stare at huge diamond wedding ring, finally able to process what this means.

“Crap…” you manage to utter, suddenly awake.

You turn your head and look at the Joker. He’s still deeply asleep, facing you, his green hair a mess, all over his face. His hand rests on your tummy. You lift yourself on your elbows to take a better look. There it is: a wedding band on his finger.

You drop back on your pillow, glaring at the ceiling. You two are not supposed to get drunk because you become crazier and even more impulsive than you already are. “God damn it,” you whisper to yourself, biting your lips nervously.

“J..Jaaaay,” you try to wake him up, gently caressing his face. “Babe, wake up…J…” Nothing. Still asleep.

“J !!” you raise your voice ,slapping his naked behind. You only hear a growl. Another slap. “J, wake up!” This time he moves, repositioning himself on his back, eyes still closed.

“Baby doll, let me sleep,” he pleads with raspy voice, covering his face with the sheets.

You yank the covers off and you get on top of him. He senses your naked body on his and grins.

“Kitten…give me a few moments and I’ll be ready to go.” His hands reach for your waist and he adjusts you so he can feel you better.

“Not that I mind where this is going, Puddin, but you really have to see this.”

He blinks a few times, getting his eyes used to the image of your fingers close to his face.

“Baby doll, is that a wed..” You don’t let him finish.

“Yes, yes it is and…lookie here, you have one too!”

The Joker gazes at his wedding band, then at your ring, then at your face.

“Did we fucking get married last night?”

“Apparently?…” you make it a question, waiting for his reaction.

He stretches with a big smirk. Suddenly, you feel it and you giggle.

“Mister J, you weren’t joking about being ready in a few moments.”

“You know me, everything to make my Pumpkin happy.” He grabs your hand and kisses it and you get lost in his blue eyes.

“Relax, baby, it’s Vegas. We can cancel that piece of paper anytime we want.”

You sigh without answering and he takes a hold of your hips, shifting you over so he’s on top of you now.

“Say, Kitten…how would Batsy…” he thrusts into you and you let out a laud moan “…react if he finds out we got hitched?”

His forehead rests on yours, not breaking eye contact, holding your hands above your head, fingers intertwined with yours. Your breathing is getting heavy, he knows how to make you lose control.

“He would…ahhhhh…send us to Arkham (laud scream) again, certified nut jobs.”

“That he would,” the Joker snickers, kissing you roughly. “Hmmm,” he growls, “you feel so good, Kitten.” You squeeze him harder in between your legs, arching your back in ecstasy.

“You look so sexy with that wedding ring on, my prettyyyy…” he purrs in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. “It really turns me on.” J’s lips kiss your breasts, going up you neck, then find your lips again. At this point, both your breathings are erratic; your body is on fire, so needy for his.

“Puddin…” you whisper ”we should do this more often.”

“What, doll, get married?”

“No, make love in Vegas”, you reply with a naughty smirk on your face.

He starts laughing.

“Well, damn, let’s do it more often then, Misses J.”

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