Who You Get Stuck in an Elevator With (Suicide Squad Edition)

Gemini: Deadshot

Leo: Captain Boomerang

Libra: Katana

Cancer: El Diablo

Pisces: Slipknot

Taurus: Pinky the Unicorn

Virgo: Harley

Scorpio: Rick

Capricorn: Enchantress

Sagittarius: Killer Croc

Aquarius: Dr. Moon

Aries: Joker


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Joker Harley!AU

“I don’t know.. I know you are a qualified doctor, but ready?“ The voice of your boss is thick with concern. “I don’t think anyone is ever ready for.. him.”

Your eyes trail to the man she is referring to. He looks like a young male, tousled hair with a face and body that belongs to a Burberry model, not a criminal in an Asylum. 

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