he was driving fast. the music was blasting. the two of you were pretty drunk, which not only made him more reckless, but also more crazier. he laughed, his big hand on your tight. the street was nearly empty, the night as black as possible. his hand travelled up, making you shiver. while he drove and had only one hand free, you had both of yours. slowly you started teasing him, letting your hand wander up and down his tight and his cock. he growled, biting his lower lip. you felt how turned on he was. suddenly he ripped around the wheel, making you scream a little. he stopped the car and pulled you into a rough kiss. “I want you. now.” he growled, grabbing you by the hip and placing you on his lap. with his left hand he lowered the seat, while his right hand was already busy with your shirt. you moaned, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. he wasn’t that soft. instead he ripped apart your dresses. “damn, that was my favourite dress.” you cried out, but he only laughed. “I buy you 10 new one.” quickly he opened your bra, cupping your breasts with his hands, his thumbs slowly rubbing along your soft skin, making you shiver. “you like that, kitten?” you nodded. “say it. pretty pretty please.” “I like it.” you moaned, while he places kisses along your collarbone, leaving marks. his right hand travelled down your stomach, finding his destination. you moaned as he touched your already hot pussy. “already so wet for my kitten.” he laughed, slowly starting rubbing you. your moans became louder, while you softly bit in his neck. only seconds later he had managed to make you moan his name. you were dripping wet and very close. “please, I..” you moaned, then he suddenly stopped, making you cry out in frustration. he opened his pants and boxers, showing off his huge erection. without thinking about it you lowered yourself, finding yourself riding him. he purred and grinned at you, twirling your hair between his fingers. your moans raised and your started to scream as you nearly finished. before you came he pulled you into a tight kiss. “come for me, kitten.” he whispered, which was all you needed to finish yourself all over him.

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im rude and incapable and im sorry
i went to a costume party tonight and was gonna post pics for y'all but i forgot to take pics and i have 748292 pounds of homework to do so instead you get me after and my backpack!

BUT!!!!! im having a party saturday so i will post pics for y'all then ❤️❤️❤️❤️- eva