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Bruce Weber and David Bailey - “A Harlem Poetry Lesson" VIDEO

The first ever collaboration between famed photographers Bruce Weber and David Bailey, Nowness present A Harlem Poetry Lesson, part of their Shorts on Sunday segment. The two got behind the camera to create a beautiful 20 minute film about one of New York’s most historic boroughs, Harlem. The short captures the spirit, soul and essence of harlem through the art of poetry. Shot over the space of 24 hours in the middle of summer, the duo traveled across the borough to records its many interesting characters such as Jeffrey Hollington and landmarks including the Apollo Theatre and the Carrie McCracken TRUCE Community Garden. With soundtrack provided by one of the most famous Harlemites, the late great Gil Scott-Heron, press play below and find out more at Nowness.

NYC Box Truck: Manhattan w/ Micah

The “city that never sleeps” is comprised of five boroughs. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t categorize Manhattan as the quintessential mainland— no matter what partialness to the others. The 13-mile stretch (length) is filled with more history, relics, and stories than most can imagine. The magic of the most hustle and bustle lays here.

Harlemite and native New Yorker Micah, of über-successful local lifestyle brand Only NY, knows this probably better than anyone. He cites the city’s unlimited sights, sounds, and pulses as the unlimited source of inspiration for his art. Well, that and his fondness for the tranquility of nature— the complete opposite of the urban jungle. This limbo or understanding of balance, if you will, is what best describes his art’s flow, a parallel to the city’s momentum and pace.

Watch the footage here