Too Close for Comfort

[Imagine Squad Cuddles]

It was freezing.

It was below 20 degrees, one of your shoes were missing, and the jacket you wrapped yourself in was as thin a paper. It wasn’t just you, though. Your girlfriend—should you even call her that—was in worse shape. Her outfit was thinner and covered less skin. You wrapped your arms around her and held her close, trying to get her to the point where she wasn’t shivering so much. The rest of the team was looking for heat in any way they could, except Diablo. He was basically fire. You weren’t the only one eying the guy. He seemed pretty content on not using his powers or getting anywhere close to you guys (he didn’t want to hurt anyone). Nevertheless, everyone (but him) was on the verge of hypothermia.

Harley nuzzled her face into the crook of your neck. For her. “Firecracker, do me a favor and come here for a moment…” Everyone jumped, the silence that had covered the team for the last hour now broken. Diablo eyed you for a moment. He gave a slight nod and stood up from his corner. The moment he was in arms reach, you grabbed him and pulled him down. Harley giggled the heat from his body already warming her up. You held him there, arms wrapped tightly around his waist and sighed. “Much better-“ You looked past him and at the shivering team- “You guys can join if you want.”

Diablo struggled in your grasp in protest, but it was already too late. Boomer-ho came crashing down beside the three of you and snuggled up close (honestly, it was more of an excuse to be close to you). Croc was next. He settled himself down beside Harley and moved in close, careful not to crush her. Floyd was the only one who didn’t make a move.

“Y’all must be crazy if you think I’mma join your cuddle fest.”

“C’mon, it’s nice ‘n warm!” You grinned. George made a sound of agreement, Croc gave a soft grunt, and Diablo sighed.

“Don’t be such a party pooper…” Harley spoke, the words tired and soft. She wasn’t doing so well.

Floyd eyed the group for a moment before he sighed. He pushed himself off the cold wall and slowly inched towards you guys. He lowered himself down besides, careful not to be too close to the guy. George bit his cheek from grinning as he grabbed the mercenary and pulled him into the group.

“Why yo-“

“Shhh..” You breathed out, leaning into Harley. “No fighting or you’re kicked from the “cuddle fest”.”

Floyd groaned inwardly and slowly relaxed into it.

It was better than freezing to death.

DATE: AUG. 27 2016
NOTES: I just woke up ayyy

I don’t view Enchantress, Katana, nor Rick part of the squad. Enchantress is on a different level than them. Katana works and isn’t forced to for Waller. Rick is basically the Squad’s handler :/

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“Come on! Let me play with you, Puddin’. I’ll be very gentle, I promise.” 

“Oh, uhm… okay?” 

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Gotham City Sirens by Richard Zimmons

Texts between clowns
  • Joker:Hey, it's over.
  • Harley:WTF? After all we've been through!? You lousy scum sucking creep!
  • Harley:It's fine whatever, I slept with three of your henchmen anyways!
  • Joker:I was taking about the robbery....
  • Harley:Oh. How did it go?
  • Joker:Fine. Now about these henchmen..