Let’s go steal a Leverage shirt! Any Mastermind, Grifter, Hitter, Hacker, or Thief would be more than happy to pinch this little black number. Printed in dazzling, expensive metallic gold for our favorite team of badgood guys.

Along with a new design, we’re introducing a new product to the UE line! These unique hooded shirts are made of a blend of ring spun combed cotton and rayon, making them exceptionally soft (softer than our tanktops, which if you’ve ever bought one, you KNOW how soft that is!).

Available until February 6th, get yours here!

Reasons to love Leverage:

1.    “ This company has government defense contracts. There are very serious rules with contact with foreign nationals. The Patriot Act applies here, my friend! Sir, I can take your underpants.” 

2.   “You know the part of the conversation where I punch you in the neck nine or ten times? We’re coming up on that pretty quick.”

3.    This thing safe?
“Yeah, it’s completely safe… it’s just you know, if you experience nausea, weakness in your right side, stroke, strokiness…
“ You’re precisely why I work alone.”

4.   “ That’s twenty pounds of crazy in a five-pound bag!”

5.   “ And I’m the one with a plan. Now, I know you children don’t play well with others, but I need you to hold it together for exactly seven more minutes. Now, get to the elevator and head down. We’re going to the burn scam.”

6.   “ Going to plan B?”
“Technically, that would be plan G.
“ How many plans do we have? Is there, like, a plan M?
“Yeah. Hardison dies in plan M.”

7.   “ My money’s not in my account. That makes me cry inside, in my special angry place.”

8.    He tried to kill us.
“More importantly, he didn’t pay us.
“How is that more important?!
“ I take that personally.
“ There’s somethin’ wrong with you.”

9.   "This is the score! This is the score!
“Age of the geek, baby.”
"Somebody kiss this man so I don’t have to!”

10.    What’s in it for me?
“Payback. And if it goes right, a lot of money.
“And what’s in it for me?
“A lot of money. And if it goes right, payback. Hardison?
“I, I was just going to send a thousand porno magazines to his office, but hell yeah, let’s kick him up!
What’s in it for you?
“…He used my son.”

And all that’s just the first episode!