wordmage-girl  asked:

"That's how easy love can be" with leverage ot3?

“It’s not a Secret Santa, it’s a Non-Denominational Holiday Gift Exchange,” says Nate.

“I LOVE SECRET SANTA,” says Parker.

Nate’s the principal, Sophie teachers fourth grade, Eliot improbably teaches kindergarten (come on, he would), Hardison teaches math for the upper grades and also runs a tech club after school, Parker teaches the world’s most acrobatic gym class.

Hardison and Parker are already together when the fic starts, but Nate gets Sophie in the draw and decides it’s finally time to woo her properly and Parker gets Hardison and decides to give their relationship Eliot for Christmas.

yuri-puppies  asked:

That meme is the stuff of dreams *o* Beautiful Music Together and the Leverage OT3 please?

I don’t know if I’d even do this in a music AU! That’s not really the center of the AU in any case. This is just the one where, in an AU or in canon, Hardison and Parker manage to be incredibly bad at sex. They know how it works, in theory! Hardison spends a lot of time on the internet, he knows where the good porn is, and they watch some of it together in the spirit of academic interest, but it just does not work for either of them, and they’re kind of in despair.

Well, Hardison is in despair. Parker goes to ask Eliot for advice.

Eliot’s advice, as it turns out, comes with the offer of demonstrations, and he makes everything really, really good.

Good enough that when he starts looking sad and says he probably shouldn’t have sex with them anymore, they’re getting the hang of it, Hardison and Parker exchange a look of perfect understanding and start doing everything they can to keep him.


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