distinctivelibrarians  asked:

Hardison and 16?

Alec Hardison has the cutest fucking smile, okay? And yeah, he’s young, and things haven’t been easy, and he’s lost people he’s loved, but learned early that he had to find something to make him happy. Computers. Nana. But between Nana and the team, Hardison was a little lost. He smiled when he laughed, but it didn’t mean he was happy. So he found things. 

Puppies? He didn’t have anywhere to bring them, but he would go play with them, because they made him happy, and it made them happy. 

Music? Guy loves music, and the right music put a smile on that gorgeous face no matter what

But when the team came together? It wasn’t so hard to find something to smile about.

Parker’s wild actions. Parker’s snuffling in her sleep. Parker’s determination for him to like some of the things she likes. 

Eliot’s food. Eliot’s barely concealed glee when he and Hardison argue (look, it makes them both stupidly happy because the arguments are always so stupid but they are fun). Eliot insisting he does not snore even though Hardison got it on camera.



The puppies Hardison snuck in without telling either of them he was adopting. 

The smiles just come easier and easier until he doesn’t have to try anymore. He just. Smiles.

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