This is my illo for the LGAL's “In Place” exhibition (opening August 23th) and I chose Norway’s Hardangervidda. I was there with my family several times when I was young and loved the landscape and the calmness. I felt very free when we wandered through fjords and moss-covered places without any people. I do like spending my vacation in a city but hiking in Norway is the more relaxing and fullfilling thing for me. (And I adore the language!)

Prints are available here: http://lightgreyartlabshop.bigcartel.com/category/in-place
lthough there is still a wrong blue-ish preview picture in the store.It probably will be replaced later.)

Hardangervidda River 1 | Norway

With our Lee “Big Stopper” we shifted the perspective of the spectacular intact vast landscapes of Norway, here a detail of the Hardangervidda River. At first the water seems like clouds or silk, this is induced by the filter, it reduces exposure by 10 f-stops, meaning the normal exposure time is increased by 1000.