Aurlandsdalen, Norway

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I did a trekking from the Hardangervidda plate to the fjords and this cabin was located in a very remote gorge full of waterfalls from the surrounding glaciers who where melting. The cabin itself was one of the last things that were left of the mining in the area except for some old pickaxes.


Trolltunga_06 von Christoph Lindemann


Hardangervidda, Norway. von Unni Tveiten Grøtberg


Blue Fjord by Tony
Via Flickr:
The Hardangerfjord is the fourth longest fjord in the world, and the second longest fjord in Norway. It is located in Hordaland county in the Hardanger region. The fjord stretches 179 kilometres (111 mi) from the Atlantic Ocean into the mountainous interior of Norway along the Hardangervidda plateau.

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Different anon here, but ... in continuation of the wedding dresses/suits HC, how about honeymoon headcanons for RFA/V/Saeran? Also good luck for the new blog! :)

Thank you!


  • Okay but baehee deserves a good honeymoon, and has never been on a vacation and has been saving up for so long!
  • So, you two get to go to (drumroll)… Savannah, Georgia!
  • Have you seen the pictures of that place?? It’s so pretty!
  • Like this?? Is so beautiful?? 
  • You two would take long walks and try out little cafe’s throughout the area and just be so cute!
  • Or maybe South Africa? It’s so beautiful there. There’s great beaches and amazing culture to learn about!


  • A cruise!
  • He’d get pretty sea-sick, though. But it’d be a nice experience. 
  • He’d want to recreate the scene from Titanic. 
  • He’d really like to spend time out on the deck in the sun with his shirt off, and who can blame him? It’s all clear skies!
  • They have a thing where you can swim with dolphins and!!! They are so cute!!! They have a lot to say and they are handsome good boys
  • He’d also like to watch whales jump out of the ocean.
  • You two eat so much ice cream and they make the towels look like animals and it’s so cool.
  • He’d dance with you on the deck in front of everyone, and wouldn’t care if they stared. He wasnt afraid to let everyone know that this is the person he loves!


  • You guys could literally go anywhere you want, and he’d let you choose the destination.
  • Probably will settle on some place really warm! Maybe Dubai or Rio de Janeiro or Bora Bora? 
  • You two can hang glide!! He’d be a scaredy-cat, but if you assure him he’ll be okay, you might just convince him.
  • He’d also like to take you somewhere that you can enjoy yourself and go to the beach.
  • Or, you guys might go to France!
  • Big boy probably knows French, but would speak in the most bland accent!
  • (If you speak French, please show this boy what he’s doing wrong).
  • But you’d visit all of the regular tourist attractions: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and so on.
  • Also, Paris is the city of love, so you’re bound to have a loving relationship for your whole lives if you honeymoon there!


  • MARS!
  • Just kidding. Maybe America? There’s a lot to do. New York or California would be best!
  • He’d want to see the Hollyweed Hollywood sign, but also would love to visit New York to see Central Park and Times Square!
  • It’d be up to you whichever you wanted. 
  • You two would stay in a nice hotel and make a pillow fort!!
  • Also, you’d get one that had two beds, then push them together to make a SUPER BED. IT WOULD BE SO BIG. SO MUCH ROOM!!!!
  • You’d go to parks and watch people who walked their dogs.
  • He’d be so tempted to steal a dog but you tell him that he is not going to get arrested in America on your honeymoon, damn it


  • He’d really want to take you somewhere nice! 
  • However, he’s just out of college and we all know how expensive that shit is, so you guys are going to have to go somewhere relatively close by and cheap.
  • So maybe the beach? You’d get a hotel room or camp out on the beach for a few days!
  • Also, going out for dinner some place relatively fancy would happen! 
  • Poor boy doesn’t really know how to act in a fancy setting so you two would get some weird looks from the rich people all around you, but it wouldn’t really matter to you. you two were having fun, and that’s what mattered.


  • Norway, to see the Aurora Borealis!
  • He’d gotten the surgery before you two were married, and was so excited to see them.
  • He’d even left his fancy camera in the hotel. He’d brought a Polaroid art hoe, and took little pictures of you two there.
  • It’s chilly up there in the winter, so you two will have to bundle up and cuddle real close while you watch them.
  • Also, there are really pretty train routes that go through places like Oslo and through the Hardangervidda moutain place, so that would be something fun!
  • AND the fjords are very pretty and you can dive or take a tour! 
  • Mainly, a lot of sight seeing in a really pretty country!


  • He would want to go somewhere private. However, since you guys aren’t super rich (aka not living with Saeyoung and the only source of income is his disability checks and your source of income, whatever that may be) you can’t do much. 
  • So, you take a road trip!
  • Old, beat up van, tank tops, you singing loudly and him listening along, taking turns driving.
  • From highways to back roads, you two get to see the world in a new way together. 
  • You’d stay in a few crappy motels and make out against the walls, leaving in the early morning to watch the sun rise on some back road, sitting in the trunk with the hood popped.
  • You’d go to diners in the mornings and drink really bad coffee and have some pretty tasty pancakes.
  • You’d break onto private property, skinny dip in a lake that said specifically not to, sit on train tracks and watch the stars on the hood of your car.

Edge of the Ledge, by stiann

Peak autumn colors in this damp and dramatic waterfall environment in western Norway. The autumn air was cool and the waterfalls kept roaring at full power. Here the Hardangervidda high mountain plateau steeply drops off into the fjord regions of western Norway. For scale, the waterfall to the left is some 535 feet tall. I’m guessing it’s a ~700 feet drop from the ledge I’m standing on. Didn’t fall in though, just barely. :-) Thanks for stopping by, any feedback appreciated.