"Quick, kiss me!"

Request/Ask: “Quick, kiss me!” w/ Steve (TWS)

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 334

Warnings: None (?)

A/N: This is, like stated in the ask, taking place during TWS. You, the reader, are basically     Natasha in this. Except you’re not. You’re just you. But you taking Natasha’s place. I’ll shut up now.

I nervously glanced around and saw the man approach the escalator. I turned to face Steve and grabbed his face, “Quick, kiss me!”

Steve’s eyes widened in alarm, “What?!”

I sighed, “Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.”

I crashed my lips to Steve’s before he could protest and continued kissing him until I sensed the man was gone. I pulled away and smirked at the blush on Steve’s cheeks, “C’mon captain.”

After we made our way back to the car and were driving for a little bit before I noticed Steve was unusually silent. I snapped my fingers a couple times, “Steve? Stevieeeee? Earth to Steven! Anyone home?”

Steve huffed, “What?”

I smiled, “This is about that kiss isn’t it?”

He rolled his eyes, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

I grinned, “Was I your first kiss since the 40s?!”

He kept his eyes on the road and ignored me. I squealed, “Aw I was!! That’s so cute!”

He sighed and bit his lip, “Maybe… Was I any good? I mean I haven’t kissed anyone since…”

My eyes flicked to his lips. His perfect pink, lush lips. I smirked, “I think you could use a little more practice.”

He glanced over at me and raised an eyebrow, “Oh yea?”

I nodded still smirking, “You bet. I’ll be nice and help you practice.”

He chuckled, “Nice?”

I shrugged, “I’m a nice person. Deal with it.”

Steve grinned before pressing his lips to mine. I melted into the kiss wrapping my arms around his neck.  But we both pulled away when we heard the beeping of a truck and Steve had to veered to the right to narrowly avoid hitting it.

I laugh when we got back to the right side of the road, “Getting better already cap.”

He chuckled, “Maybe we should practice off of the road next time. You know so we don’t almost die.”

I nodded and sat back grinning at the fact that Steve wanted to kiss me again.

  • Friend: Our expectations in men are way too high because of actors, bands and fictional characters!
  • Me: Agreed. Fangirls have a real hard life. I blame Tom Hiddleston.
  • Friend: Me too. I'd like to go to a therapist and talk about this.
  • Me: Ok but... Now imagine Tom Hiddleston is the therapist...
  • Friend: I HATE YOU

I feel like this would be the hardest decision of my life😨

Heat of This Moment [Post-Survivor Series 2016 Ambrolleigns One Shot]

Summary: Dean Ambrose was scripted to be eliminated first. He was scripted to come out and “reunite” with his Shield brothers to feed the fans. He was not scripted to actually love those two “brothers” of his, but good thing about that is he doesn’t want to admit he does. Won’t even say it. This is a (very long) one shot following the three boys and what went down after they all left the ring. Established Rolleigns. Past Ambreigns. Lots of angst and misunderstandings but its a happy Ambrolleigns ending!! Please comment your thoughts and reblog if you liked it. @the-awkward-fangirl-hard-life @ilzehs @cookiethewriter @arrowtothecrown @nessaliv @adriennegabriella @justtheaverageblog1 Just tagging some people I think were interested before, if you’d like to be tagged in the future lemme know too!

Roman really would’ve liked for this one to be different. He knew he was stupid to get his hopes up.

Canada. America. Europe.

What did it matter if everything he did got the same reaction anyway? Still. The crowd whooped and cheered for the triple-power bomb. Every. Time.

And that moment he’d felt it— yeah he let himself soak in every drop of that crowd’s love and excitement — as short lived as it was.

He didn’t want to be bitter. He didn’t wanna feel sad. Defeated. But he was damn human, not the Superman he pretended to be. And the fact Dean refused to make eye contact with him, even during their spot, only made things worse.

“Roman sucks! Roman sucks!”

The words were still ringing in his head as he rolled over, wincing while he saw Seth get hit with the RKO and get pinned in his peripheral vision. Roman rubbed the exhaustion from his eyes and cursed creative for booking him to be the last member of RAW left.

Oh yeah.

“Let’s go SMACKDOWN! Let’s go SMACKDOWN!”

Seth was the only thing tethering him to the fan’s good side. Now he was really alone.

Heaving himself up by the ropes, Roman stared blandly across the way at Randy and Bray. Luke Harper too, the fucker.

Roman realized he’d been getting far too many flashes of nostalgia tonight for his health. The Wyatt family and one grain of dirt from Evolution right before his eyes and a terrible ache in his spine all the while.

The match passed in a blur, and of course he wasn’t going to be the soul survivor here, and the echoing sound of the ref hitting the mat beside his head became music to his ears.

At least now the crowd was cheering.

His coal dark eyes stared up at the blaring white lights, and he let himself be pushed out of the ring by Luke Harper’s sweaty head—

‘Didn’t know he was actually part goat, or lamb or whatever the hell their mask was modeled after’ — Roman snarkily thought to himself, but felt the rest of his body roll over the apron and onto the floor.

He just wanted to go.

Seth was already sitting backstage, running his tingling fingertips through his wild curls of hair. He was watching the end of the match play out, and he couldn’t help but notice Roman looking particularly… down— to anyone else he might’ve looked like he always did in the ring — but they’d had enough history together for him to catch the little things in the big dog’s expressions.

He pitied him, he really did. Seth radiated self confidence, wasn’t far off his in-ring persona in real life, and genuinely felt unaffected when he used to get boos, but he knew how Roman was too. Roman was a good fucking guy, and was a good fucking wrestler too, contrary to popular belief.

He deserved better than what he got.

But apart from that… he’d find Roman later, he had to talk to the other part of their very jagged jig-saw puzzle.

Seth found Dean coming out from the locker rooms, roughly rubbing a towel over his unruly mop of hair. Even though the ginger-blond was already in sight, Seth still found his feet speeding up slightly, as if he were afraid Dean would be gone in an instant. Maybe it was because he was half-expecting the lunatic to have already left.



The raspy voice answered back, even though the owner of it didn’t turn around.

“I’m surprised you didn’t leave yet.”

“You know me so well.” The eye roll was palpable in his voice.

“Listen, I know why you asked to be drafted to SmackDown, but Steph told me that she was thinking about getting you to RAW 'cause—”

“No, Seth. You knew why I asked, then you wouldn’t be trying to convince me to come back. So don’t.”

“Fine.” Seth was right beside Dean now, pulling the damp towel from where it was absently lying over the taller one’s head.

“Even if you don’t come to Raw, would you at least try picking up his damn calls? He’s fucking drowning himself, Dean, and I’m not a lifeguard—!”

“—You get a fucking perm or something?”

Seth stopped, brows furrowing.


“Your hair. It’s might as well be tickling the roof of this damn building with all that volume. You need to think about gel or something because water ain’t workin’.”

Seth could practically feel his skin heating up by the second, and threw the towel he’d unknowingly been clenching onto into the wall.

“I see you haven’t changed.” Calm voice contrasting the tense fists tucked into his crossed arms, Seth stepped into Dean’s space- in front of him now.

“And I see you’ve changed plenty. Like the commentators said, You and Ro clearly 'kissed, hugged, and made up’ right? You two sharing rooms again too?”

Seth smirked over clenched teeth.

“I see you’re jealous.”

“I don’t get jealous.”

“Sure, like my hair doesn’t frizz up during matches,” It was Seth’s turn to roll his eyes.

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me: ok you’re going to sleep now and it means you must rest a little. no cellphone. no twitter and no tumblr.
me: specially not fanfiction. I command you to do not.
me: im strong
me: I can do this

two minutes later

me: fuck this
me: *opens fanfiction and reads every single fic about her otp until dawn and doesn’t close her eyes the whole night*

this sounds a little bit biased but if you ask me which my favorite line in seventeen is, i would never hesitate to answer that it’s 95line. it does not necessarily mean i don’t care about other members; because in fact i adore them a lot and i adore them all (as much as a mother hen can, fussing over her kids). it’s just that i have a really soft spot for the 95line.

first, there’s choi seungcheol who is just a kid (he’s almost 22 i know but i’m older than him so he’s still a kid in my eyes). yet being the leader he is, he is always the one who takes the first act, takes the hard works and puts other members before himself. he (together with booseoksoon) brightens up the atmosphere when things go downhill, and makes effort to understand others when they are being difficult or seem to shut out to the outside (yes i’m talking about jihoon). he tries to get all members on good terms with each other, bring them together and solve problems with a mindset of “let’s all calm down and avoid quarrels please”. he’s playful and can be such a dork too; there are times the members are embarrassed with his antics, but above all he is a softie at heart who truly cares for his brothers (i still remember him always hugging or lifting samuel up so the kid could keep up with any game the boys were playing). Besides, with all his years of training i feel he has that kind of aura, the “becoming mature early because i need to” (and not only him but also other members as well, especially vernon, because this is entertainment industry and the competitiveness is fierce). i think, or believe, he can make a good leader who can connect the members, yet still have a rational mindset and not let the emotional side take a toll. and you know that one of the most important factors of a successful group is a good leader, right? (rap monster of bts or kim sunggyu of infinite for example. i adore those two a lot, too).

next is yoon jeonghan. yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan. i have mentioned this before in another post but still want to repeat it again, that i feel like our personalities is pretty much alike, at least in a few aspects. from the “flirty” tactics *face-palm* to the somewhat kind and caring characteristic toward others. we are both acting like a sloth sometimes too (just watch one fine day and most of his screen time in the first two eps is about him lying/sleeping haha). okay kidding here. the main point i want to talk about jeonghan whenever thinking of him is that to me he feels kind of “distant”. i don’t talk about such aspect in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. what i mean is that he has this vibe, which i interpret as “while he’s kind and nice and friendly to everyone he knows, he’s truly, hardly close to anybody”. he cherishes his friends, his members, his fans a lot, the feelings are real and he basks himself in the attention people give him because that is how his nature functions. however there are only a few people whom he lets in his comfort zone, whom he’s being very attentive to and whose attention he actually look forward to getting. this is my own mere opinion, so please don’t take it too serious. i don’t know about the boy in real life either and he can be pretty much different from whom i assume him to be. just try playing a psychiatrist here cause i always want to become one *shrugs*

and last but not least there is joshua hong, my bias. all of a sudden it’s a bit hard to write about him like this *laugh*. i just know that i like him a lot, and that’s a fact. among seventeen there’s only one member who can make my heart flutter and make me blush or squeal uncontrollably, and “sadly” it’s wonwoo =)) because whenever I look at jisoo, there is only this type of feeling i can describe as “maternal instinct” resurfacing. at first i noticed him because of his cat-like features (i am more of a cat person who’s probably going to end up being single till 80, surrounded with thousands of cats), next his voice, his guitar skills, then later his shy, adorably awkward, clumsy antics. and now his dorky image recently =)) (i would not say at first it was not a shock to me, a pleasant shock, but thinking back again he sometimes came up with silly stuffs during 17tv era anyway, so it’s only now his time to shine LOL). compared to other members he is pretty quiet (minghao is another case thou he hardly speaks either, because i believe that boy is very sassy =)) his korean is just not good enough for him to express constantly), sometimes he can just space out and be like “i’m not here with you”, but he speaks and acts when it’s necessary and he smiles his gentle smile and i think maybe that’s the reason why i adore him. also he has such vibe of a cat who is constantly in need of affection, attention and care, thou he hardly does a thing to call for attention and i think i am not the only one who feels so =))

even before one fine day being aired, i always joke that when being confused between jeongcheol and jihan, ship cheolsoo (tbh i’m sick of fan wars due to different ships. every fandom i’m in, every couple i ship has to deal with it. like can you just appreciate others’ opinions and mind your own ship?) it’s half of a joke half of a fact, because a part of me was curious to see how those two interact with each other. there were some fan-taken pictures and interviews but they were not enough. my friend even suggested things like “what if they are awkward around each other?” and i was like “i can’t accept your theory dear i don’t want to believe that at all that hurts my heart *added dramatic gasps here*”. then one day (recently), a short fancam in which jisoo wiped seungcheol’s sweaty forehead in a perf was published and i was like “what the heck is happening??? my feel!!!” and the most interesting thing is that jeonghan was sitting between them, but jisoo skipped him just to get to seungcheol.

that was when i thought maybe there is still more for me to observe. entered that show one fine day and i died (metaphorically of course) at only ep 2. the way seungcheol let jisoo used his arm as a pillow is too much for me to handle and when the older pulled him in closer, i was squealing so loud that my sister actually gave me stink eyes. i don’t know whether it’s really just me not being attentive enough and only realizing things late or not, but i finally can see and can say that cheolsoo are not awkward together. i don’t even know them off-screen how could i think of myself so high, like I can see everything *sigh* but yeah, before this i always think of those three as a scale, with jeonghan as the central point which balances the other two. now i view them more of an equilateral triangle. that sounds almost perfect to me :) and what i mention here is all about their friendship (i’m still jihan trash and not actually into polyamory, thank you).

another assumption i made for fun (and still strongly support) is that seungcheol and jisoo are two members jeonghan is most close to (i believe he mostly devotes his attention to jisoo and let seungcheol devotes his attention to him because that’s how their relationship works LOL).