Rin speaking English


Haru so cutely confused in a foreign country


Rin introducing Haru to his “parents”


Haru speaking English


Rin and Haru sharing the same bed


Haru finding his “dream”


Drarry marriage proposal

Let’s be honest here: If Draco would ever have the guts to propose to Harry, it would either be embarrassingly overly-romantic and Draco would want everything to be perfect and he would over-do it sooo much, but Harry would just laugh and cry and shake his head and of course he would say ‘yes’, because Draco would look close to fainting while waiting for his boyfriend’s answer

or it would go like this:

Draco: (storms into the room)

Draco: Potter!

Harry: (jumps a little bit) Malfoy!

Harry: I mean Draco, wha–

Draco: Potter, you are disgustingly nice to everybody and your hair is still stupid. Also, your glasses are ridiculous. And you will marry me because I want you to and I fucking love you.

Draco: (storms out of the room)

Harry: ….

Harry: okay?

Simple guide of finding a bias in a group of hot asian guys

1. Find the most embarrassing member
2. Stan that person
3. If any of the following occurs:
a)frequent dying from second hand embarrassement
c)screaming at your computer while looking at that person’s face

congratulations - you chose the right one

me: ok you’re going to sleep now and it means you must rest a little. no cellphone. no twitter and no tumblr.
me: specially not fanfiction. I command you to do not.
me: im strong
me: I can do this

two minutes later

me: fuck this
me: *opens fanfiction and reads every single fic about her otp until dawn and doesn’t close her eyes the whole night*