Reading a super fluff fanfiction

Can be either super fluff you cringe or super fluff you died.

OTPs, multishipping
  • Me: Oh, A and B are really beautiful together and I
  • know they’ll never be canon but I ship them. They aren’t just friends, I know it. My heart could never be of another ship.
  • Also me: I love these two but A and C are so cute too. I'm cheating on my OTP, I'm horrible, I can't do this. I'm a cheater. Please, OTP, forgive me, I'm a sinner.
  • Another part of me: Multishipping is the way, girl.
  • Love is everywhere. Do they breath the same air? Ship them. Do they look at each other in a strange way? Ship them. Do they raise their eyebrows at the same moment and look disgusted at the same person? Ship them. Do they like the same person? Ship them. Shipping is a religion, remember.
  • Me: I ship all I want to ship. DOBBY HAS NO MASTER, DOBBY IS A FREE ELF.
Simple guide of finding a bias in a group of hot asian guys

1. Find the most embarrassing member
2. Stan that person
3. If any of the following occurs:
a)frequent dying from second hand embarrassement
c)screaming at your computer while looking at that person’s face

congratulations - you chose the right one

Fangirl life is hard🙄

Me: Ok. Work week. Focus.

Me: Jon x Sansa, Jon x Sansa

Me: Stop it! Time for real life.

Me: Jon x Sansa, Jon x Sansa

Me: Oh my God. You need to stop!

Me: But their reunion…

Me: And the tension…

Me: And the arguing…

Me: And when they smile at each other…

Me: And he likes the wolf bit…

Me: And he’ll protect her…

Me: Yeahhhhh….but I gotta stop now. This is getting weird.

Me: Yeah, alright…if I gotta.


Me: Oh nooooooooooo!

Me: Jon x Sansa, Jon x Sansa

Me: Jon x Sansa, Jon x Sansa

Me: Jon x Sansa, Jon x Sansa

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Studying the Renaissance
  • Teacher: The greatest masters are of course Donatello, Leonardo, Raffaello, and Michelangelo.
  • Me: *conceal don't feel*
  • Everyone in the class: *looks at me*
  • Me: ...
  • That bastard friend: *starts laughing pulling an elbow*
  • Another friend that can't stay quiet: The ninja turtles!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Fuck you all I'm trying to focus here
The hard life of a fangirl

-no money bc merch
-having to spam your fav 293828828 times and getting ignored
-no social life
-no space on your phone bc all the photos of your idol
-tape marks on wall bc posters
-knowing your idols don’t know you exist
-nobody understands you
-sad bc you missed a follow spree
-not being able to talk about fandom stuff to people
-mini heart attack when fake acc follows you
-have to stay updated 25/8
-dealing with rejection
-last min album announcements
-when carrots get 1/5
-constantly crying over new selfie they posted
-dealing with feels bc fanfictions
-staying up for announcements and live streams
-different time zones
-cant stay off Twitter
-eats, sleeps, tweets

*add more if you can think of more*